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Forum Rules, New User Info, and Other FAQ

Welcome to the Oculus Forums! Below, you can find information on forum rules, answers to common new user questions, and the names of the forum admins / mods you should reach out to if you encounter an issue here on the forums. The goal of this post i...


New Oculus Forums Feedback Thread

Hello everyone! Welcome to the new Oculus forums! As I mentioned in my announcement post, I’d like this thread to serve as a place “forums feedback”. Please let us know how you’re finding the new platform, what is or isn’t working well for you, or wh...

Pre Order Shipping

Hi, Can anyone from Oculus give us an indication when the first pre-orders will start to be processed? Palmer previously said these would be around late May / Early June but was hoping as that is very close we could get a more accurate estimate. Than...

baggyg by Level 4
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Be aware of phishing buyers!

Hia week ago I have recieved email from a buyer that he would like to buy my Oculus rift and he will send me money first from paypal and then I will send him my rift. I said this was strange why would someone risk sending money first.I gave him my pa...

wrymn by Level 2
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Is 360Cities on the Rift possible?

Hello,Does anyone know if there is a way to view the panoramic photos on 360Cities on the Rift? I have been so impressed with Google Street View, but I am interested if the higher quality panoramic photos on 360Cities would be even better. Thanks,Dan

Video: iRacing and the Oculus Rift - What's it like?

OK guys, go easy on me. I'm not a dev and my YouTube videos are one-take specials with no editing. It's just an informal sim-racing centric channel. Anyhow, I finally got around to posting a video while I have a borrowed devkit in hand. Hope this sho...

tbhausen by Level 3
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VR Racing Hardware

Hey there Oculus VR community.I am here to ask for any- and everyone's input on the topic of 'best Virtual Reality steering wheel and pedals'.One of my first things to do, once I get my Rift, is to try out racing games using my normal gamepad, howeve...

Keta by Level 2
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Minecrift + InGame WebBrowser + Oculus = Mind Blown

Hey Rifters,MinecraftInGameBrowser.pngI just found this mod: an in-game Web-Browser for Minecraft and its almost completely working. You can ...

Selling Dev Kit in Wash D.C. NOVA area ($200)

Hello guys!I love the OVR and love experimenting with it but I think I'm more susceptible to motion sickness than the average forum user here.I plan on picking up the new one John Carmack is talking about and in anticipation I thought I would sell th...

Anyone Care to Demo an Oculus Rift Orlando FL Area

I hate even writing this, but my brother has terminal cancer. His doctor has given his 6 months to live. I was wondering if anyone in the Orlando Florida area would be wiling to let him demo the rift? He is 45 yrs old and he loves games. I think this...

mark17 by Level 2
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Places to try the rift while yours is in wait.

Hi Guys,It was a slow process waiting for the rift, but I have mine now.I was thinking of starting this thread with helping those out who just can not wait to see the rift in action.I have a shop in Worcester, UK where I can let people come in and tr...

Latency Tester!

Just got mine in the mail today. It is a really solid looking product! Anyway, I'm figuring out how to set it up now and maybe it is simpler to use than I'm expecting, but I don't see any documentation on using it anywhere. Am I missing something?EDI...

drash by Level 7
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Carmack Speaks! New Dev Kit!

This is on Engadget.. story and video.New Oculus Rift Dev Kit?

MarkM by Level 2
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Businesses/services and their legal use of the Oculus

So I'm wondering, as the Rift being Dev Kit this year--Websites have appeared and developers/companies are starting to form for commercial use. Examples I'm seeing are: Total Cinema 360, and VirtuaView which appeared on IndieGoGo for start-up $$. I'm...

Ande by Level 2
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Fitness Apps

I hate the treadmill. I enjoy listening to music while I jog, and that does offer some relief from the monotony, but I am really interested in apps that could make jogging on a treadmill more interesting. I am currently working on a different Unity p...

mini HDMI adapter coming with the Rift?

Hey,I know there are several adapters coming with the Dev Kit, but I wonder if there is also a "mini HDMI" cable/adapter included, cause my gra-card only has such a port. Otherwise I would have to order one seperately...Thanks ;.)

comrbak by Level 5
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Ben from RoadToVR Interview - Plus an Annoucement!

Ben Lang from joins me in this episode of the Rev VR Podcast. We discuss some of the latest news in the Virtual Reality community, including CastAR, InfinitEye, HL2VR 1.2, Rift Dev Kit 2 rumors, and so much more. Plus, Ben makes an exclu...

PCGamer 20th anniversary special, featuring Oculus

AS THE FUTURE OF GAMING!!!  much to read as its featured in the printed edition, but nice title for the N1 Gaming MagPD> the old rendered consumer Rift is so f...

Frito by Level 3
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Does it have head movements going left and right?

hi, i am just curious if the oculus also counts for head moving to left and right...i am not talking about tilt only..but actually moving the head lets say 10 or 20 cm to the left.. or forward and backwardlike it could be used for peaking around a co...

Qosmius by Level 2
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IGF 2014 Competition: List of Oculus Rift Games

The entrants in the IGF 2014 competition have been announced. There's a really tough competition this year, with games like Amnesia: AMFP and Outlast as well in there, among other cool titles.We're happy to have an Oculus Rift game in the running, su...

Raven by Level 2
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Serial Number all A's?

The serial number of my Rift is showing up as a bunch of A's in the 2.5 SDK config utility? Any idea what's up there?

non-gaming uses for the rift

I'm hoping to get a good list going of where and how VR can be utilized in the future, near and far, as specific or broad as you want.I'll start off with one. I think sports training and sporting equipment will be huge. For example I can see a golf c...

MShack by Level 2
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A letter to the Oculus Community

Hello everyone!We wanted to talk to you, the Oculus community, specially about our goals and reasoning for pursuing the development of our Oculus Rift horror game, Alone.We believe that the Oculus Rift really is the future of gaming - once you've exp...

DK2 oops

To all:I see now that my initial reaction to the news was way too strong and I apologize for throwing it out there without some more research into the subject, I think my sleep deprivation is getting to me.Part of what fired me up is that I read some...

Invoke by Level 2
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VR in the Movies - Rev VR Podcast

I finally decided to do a podcast talking about mainstream movies and how they either successfully represented Virtual Reality, or horribly butchered it. Most of these movies were from the 90s, when the world was still very confused on how VR was goi...

No Android to power our Oculus - It'll be Windows or IOS

Fricken Apple is a scourge on society :evil: a nutshell, the article states that everything we’ve come to enjoy doing on capacitive...

Red Baron Kickstarter with Rift Support

The original developer of Red Baron (a very successful and legendary WW1 combat flight simulator from 1990) has recently acquired the rights to the name and has started developing a new version of the game.He started a Kickstarter to fund developemen...

MrPozor by Level 2
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Maybe Sony can run faster than Oculus (little time left)

Sony has filed a patent for optical distortion correctionSony is reportedly gearing up to reveal its own custom-built head-mounted display (HMD) during TGS 2013 later this month

I'm selling my Rift Devkit

Hello,I've been trying to develop using my devkit, but can't find the time to do so, so I am selling my unit instead of leaving it unused. I though this might interest some people here. I've set up a fixed price auction at $435 on ebay, with the opti...

dsp4 by Level 2
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