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Quest build v33 release notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of September 13th, 2021. Guardian History If your headset is experiencing tracking issues, you can now use Clear Guardian history to delete Guardian maps and tracking data in add...

Oculus_RyanS by Oculus Community Manager
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Resolved! New Community Manager - Oculus_RyanS

Hi everyone - I’m pleased to introduce you all to @Oculus_RyanS, a new dedicated Oculus community manager. Ryan’s full time, energy, and attention is going to be spent on our community. He (along with our existing team of fantastic volunteer moderato...

Forum Rules, New User Info, and Other FAQ

Welcome to the Oculus Forums! Below, you can find information on forum rules, answers to common new user questions, and the names of the forum admins / mods you should reach out to if you encounter an issue here on the forums. The goal of this post i...


New Oculus Forums Feedback Thread

Hello everyone! Welcome to the new Oculus forums! As I mentioned in my announcement post, I’d like this thread to serve as a place “forums feedback”. Please let us know how you’re finding the new platform, what is or isn’t working well for you, or wh...

I so want a crane game in VR

A good one!...I would gladly pay for one too...Or how could I make one? I have no clue how to start but I definitely want to do this

Audio 'fix' for Rift S

Given that I haven't even tried my new Rift S, I have heard nothing but complaining about the audio quality. I'm leaning towards a pair of Klipsch R6-II earbuds but am not against spending more for quality. Does anyone have any recommendations for a ...

Remove update requirement

Hi,I have the message "New drivers are required for Oculus. Update Now", can anyone inform me please on how to remove this requirement.Where is the trigger stored for this message, f.e. config file, install location or Registry. I would very much lik...

Beginner with no clue

Hi all, I'm feeling pretty out of touch with technology and I'm trying to use my Oculus Go. I have the basics done such as internet connection, profile setup and the home screen design. I'm trying to download one of the apps in my library and it is s...

The VR Predictions Thread of 2020

In keeping with tradition, lets see who can get the most accurate predictions for the new year.For anyone interested in the past threads:2018 Predictions P...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Download speed problem on Oculus Home - extremely slow

Is there something up with the servers right now? I'm trying to update Oculus video and download blazerush but it's extremely slow, and even going backwards? o.O My speed is 200 mb and I did a speed test and no issues here. Restarted Oculus home but ...

whoa182 by Level 8
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Resolved! Constant Rift Stuttering

So I have an ROG STRIX 2080ti, an i7 9700k, Z390 E Gaming motherboard, 32 gigs of RAM, and a bunch of free storage on both my hard drive and my SSD (I built my computer recently). I was playing on my rift a couple days ago and everything was working ...


Hi iv'e had my rift s for about 2 weeks now and i have been trying to fix an issue with the display this whole time. When i received my Rift S and set it up it worked fine for the first hour then i got a black screen and ever since i could only hear ...

Brining my Rift on a plane, need advice

I'm traveling light, without luggage, so it will be just my backpack that I'll take on the plane. Unfortunately I don't have a separate bag specifically for the Rift so I'm planning to just carefully wrap it in clean clothes along with the sensors an...

360 Cameras and VR viewing from footage taken

Hi I have owned my Rift for about 6 months now, and its great, now moving onto things i can use it for....What's the best 360 camera to use to take videos and watch back on a Rift ? My idea is to take a 360 degree video of say a street event (i was a...

Should we have an alarm of time usage?

So I'm really hook up to virtual world.... Sooo into it that I lose track of time (beat saber, last day defense, etc.)So when i recognize it, i've dived in virtual for like 3 hours. My neck, shoulder hurt to the point of needing the chair support.So ...

vuluc88 by Level 2
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Seasick Training

Hi, I m getting seasick on a boat very fast and if not seasick than landsick.... after coming back from ship everything is varying for hours..... horrible.... So my idea: Getting used to VR a training.... has anybody any experiences......

The VR Predictions Thread of 2019

The first predictions thread was quite fun! There were few who got it right, and plenty of us (including myself) who got a whole bunch of stuff wrong. But it was quite entertaining watching the year unfold and witnessing each prediction either come t...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Asgard's Wrath or Stormland? - Help Me Decide

Posted this on Reddit as well. Just wondering what people think about the two games. Stormland sounds great but some people say it's too easy, repetitive and the cycle system a little odd. I am torn. You know I will game on the HP Reverb with revive ...


Hi iv'e had my rift s for about 2 weeks now and i have been trying to fix an issue with the display this whole time. When i received my Rift S and set it up it worked fine for the first hour then i got a black screen and ever since i could only hear ...

Link not recognizing PC?

So I spent quite some time waiting for the Oculus recommended cord to come in the mail. It just got here today, but I hooked it up with my Quest to try Oculus Link, but I only got the prompt from windows for it, no pop-up to start Link.So far, I’ve t...

(SOLVED) Unable to fully install Oculus Software (SOLVED)

I got an oculus rift for Christmas and I was excited to use it once I got home but when I went to install the software nothing seemed to work? It kept coming up with the same frozen installation page and this has to be the 7th time since I've first s...


Heey All B) QUESTION PLEASE - I purchased the Oculus Quest on there website and have had no reply back. I recived 2 emails one stating the order was recieved and processing. Received order number etc. Shipping on Feb 12, 2020. Continue ...The other e...

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