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Forum Rules, New User Info, and Other FAQ

Welcome to the Oculus Forums! Below, you can find information on forum rules, answers to common new user questions, and the names of the forum admins / mods you should reach out to if you encounter an issue here on the forums. The goal of this post i...


New Oculus Forums Feedback Thread

Hello everyone! Welcome to the new Oculus forums! As I mentioned in my announcement post, I’d like this thread to serve as a place “forums feedback”. Please let us know how you’re finding the new platform, what is or isn’t working well for you, or wh...

Want to buy broken Rift for parts in SF Bay Area

I want to buy a broken Rift for parts. I'm mostly interested in the tracker, but I can make use of the other parts such as the casing and lens cups.I'm open to offers. Please be in the San Francisco Bay Area in the United States.If this thread is sti...

Jose by Level 7
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Oculus Rift demo @ Meltdown, London - 30th Oct 2013

I am demoing my Oculus Rift development kit at the Meltdown, a gaming and e-sports bar in London on the 30th of October from 7pm and anyone is welcome to come along.I'll be demoing Half Life 2 VR, Rollercoaster, Tuscany and various other demos, I wil...

Chaoss by Level 4
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Anyone playing Half Life 2: Lost Coast with Oculus?

I purchased Half Life 2 and got that working with the Oculus, but the Lost Coast doesn't run.I tried using the -VR switch the same as Half Life but it just pops me back out to my Steam Games Library.I didn't know if it's supposed to work yet or if an...

nnhood by Level 2
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Is anyone making money yet?

Hi Guys, well the DK2 and Consumer version are due out next year, but is anyone making any money from Rift based games or products?If you are what advice would you give to other developers?I'm keen to get the DK2 and/or Consumer Rift depending on rel...

Arowx by Level 2
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Android Rift implies some form of input.

How is someone wearing a Rift going to control the Android OS. Will it have a controller? Voice control? Eye movement reading like Samsung? Any news, ideas or suggestions?

Gablar by Level 2
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Myo Hackathon

Who else checked his arm-muscles after watching this?

Mark79 by Level 2
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Star Trek

Imagine you're in Starfleet Academy. Training as a Starfleet Captain graduate and get your own ship to command with the crew of your choice, maybe some of your friends from the Academy (possibly friends in real life or NPCs if you prefer). You are gi...

Madaras by Level 5
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Virtual Barbershop (VR Audio Experiment)

I'm not sure how many people know about this audio experiment but it really blew my mind a few years ago when I first heard it. I DIDN'T MAKE IT, JUST SO YOU KNOW. this experiment is scarily real, and can ...

Only one eye within the Rift gets an image - HELP!

This is really strange, and I am hoping this is something simple I am doing wrong...When I fired up my Oculus Rift for the first time and launched an app, there was an image only in the left eye. When I look through the right eye, there is nothing th...

SnazzyD by Level 2
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PS4 vs PC graphics. Is my rig better?

Hey guys. I have a pc with a Sapphire 6gb 7970 ghz edition, and an 8-core (4 ghz) amd processor. I can run most games at max settings at 1080p 60 fps, but there are some games that even my beastin machine can't run at 60fps in ultra settings.1. Crysi...

1920x1080 VS. 1280x800

Ok guys I need your help. I've read a lot of posts on Rift and everywhere people say the best is to run the game @ 1920x1080 so the image is a little better and blabla....So first 2 days I maxe'd every demo at 1080p as advised and noticed there was a...

The wait is killing me...

Ok, so I've wondered the forums posting my thoughts on topics, sometimes posting things that prolly don't make sense, viewed countless vids, downloaded and played plenty of the demos and games, even fiddled with a few existing games to work for the O...

Its soooo cool! But....

It makes me soooo sick!  :arrow: after owning my Oculous for 2 weeks now and testing every demo, and still waiting for my VORPX! the screen door affect isnt that bad, the resolution is bearable even at 720, BUT im very much looking forward to the 10...

kyozl by Level 2
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What feature do you want on Oculus?

Was kinda surprised that no one make a suggestion thread like this.But, anyways, other than the commonly known requests such as 1080p display, position tracking, I got a few other suggestions.1. built in speaker / external headphone plug support Sinc...

Tf2 server to be fixed

So the "official" oculus rift tf2 server that has been pinned in 'games and demos' section, has been running an outdated version for a few months now. Anyone new that's in the rift community want to update or host it :?:


This is a game-changer--literally: VR, please incorporate this into the Consumer Rift if possible 

tbhausen by Level 3
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Quick question!!

How does the 'Oculus Rift Order Information Tracking' system work? Is the only information in that particular document, only updated by anyone purchasing a unit and then entering their information into it? There seems to be a lot of numbers missing, ...

Horror Game Idea

Hi, I have an idea for a game. Pretty simple concept. Buried alive survival horror game. You have to lie on your back with the rift on to start the game. You're basically in some type of digital coffin and progressively creepier and creepier things h...

Rob1985 by Level 2
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Does the Rift Effect the Center of Consciousness?

Hey all, I've been playing and developing for the Rift for some time. One question I've been thinking about is how the Rift effects consciousness.I wrote a small article about this if anyone is interested in this topic:

kingside by Level 2
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Oculus Rift HEADLINE news in our country biggest newspaper!

I got Oculus Rift to be on the front page of our countrys biggest newspaper.. but.. theres a story behind this..A picture I made today in the Old Town of Tallinn.Here is one of my most popular videos of Oculus Rift, where I invited anyone over to my ...

HDTanel by Level 3
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San Francisco VR Meetup #2

Hey guys,It's almost time for the second San Francisco VR Meetup. Check it out here: are the details & hope to see you there!-----------------------------Following an extremely successful first meetup, it's t...

HD Prototype at Gamescom - First Impressions

This weekend I had the opportunity to try the HD Prototype at the OculusVR booth at Gamescom 2013.My Dev Kit has just arrived at home, however I am currently working in a different country, so I will have to wait for a month until I get to try my Dev...

DanielVR by Level 2
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Canadian Shipping Thread

Well, going to throw this up for my fellow Canucks, and also make a plea to Oculus! It's my birthday tomorrow and man oh man would it be killer to get any sort of shipping update of any kind :D. Just a plug. Order#80xxx

Arkio by Level 2
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New user thread problem

Would it be possible to stop people posting in the "New user, can't create thread - PLEASE READ THIS" thread? i find it frustrating to see the icon show new posts in the "Announcements" section to find it is just a new user posting in there despite t...

Oculus Rift and Neocron!!

Anyone here ever heard of Neocron? A cyberpunk MMO that came out in early 2004, Just found a video on youtube seems the Oculus is gets everywhere :).

Oculus Recruitment/Workshop in Cambridge, MA - Interview

Benjamin Cavallari, founder of Academic Relations Consulting, joins us to discuss his event on November 2nd to Bring Oculus VR to Cambridge, MA. It is going to be a day-long series of discussions, educator talks, product overviews, and hands-on demon...

Oculus VR Chat -- Chrome Extension

Here's a chrome extension that adds a streaming chat-sidebar when visiting either the Oculus VR forums or the Oculus subreddit. Only works in Chrome. Beta release! I don't know of anything that exists like this, and I hope it helps the Oculus communi...

Took my oculus to Burning man australia

I built a short throw projector stand and art panel system that enabled me to paint what the rifter was experiencing. I made the mistake of showing a couple of people the riftcoaster, so that's what everyone wanted to have a go on. Word spread fast a...