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Forum Rules, New User Info, and Other FAQ

Welcome to the Oculus Forums! Below, you can find information on forum rules, answers to common new user questions, and the names of the forum admins / mods you should reach out to if you encounter an issue here on the forums. The goal of this post i...


New Oculus Forums Feedback Thread

Hello everyone! Welcome to the new Oculus forums! As I mentioned in my announcement post, I’d like this thread to serve as a place “forums feedback”. Please let us know how you’re finding the new platform, what is or isn’t working well for you, or wh...

Tuscany On The Nvidia Shield

I just saw this video on You Tube. I think it is the first one I have seen where the Oculus Rift is running on the Shield. I wish he hit the space bar so we could see what frame rate he was getting. Nevertheless, it looks like the perfect mobile plat...

360FOV by Level 2
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The Perfect Screen Cleaner

As i'm sure anyone whose had to clean the screen after removing lens' a few times will know, its a pain. Because the openings are small and hard to really reach into to wipe properly, I was never quite satisfied after putting the lens back on. There ...

TriDef experimental Oculus Rift support

TriDef has added experimental Oculus Rift support to their latest beta build. Only a few games on the list so far, but they tend to be pretty good at rolling out updates. following games are current...

Madness shipping!

Dear Oculus team,Thank you very much for OR. It is an excellent gadget. But I am very angry about the shipping...I paid 250 dollars for custom clearance, tax and handling fee. The main reason that makes me angry is not only the is the time...

Head Tracking Question

So I just got my rift today and went to try out a few demos but the head tracking isn't working for the demos, although the head tracking works for Oculus Configuration Utility settings viewer. I was wondering how I could go about making it work with...

DubalA by Level 2
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will 1800$/€ be enough?

OK, the consumer version will come out in the 4th quarter of 2014, this is confirmed. So it will be about 18 month from now. My Desktop PC right now is a piece of sh*t , my Laptop as well. When its november 2014 and I´ll tell my wife "Hey love, I nee...

your recommendations please

I got the chance to try out the Oculus Rift this week. I wanna try Tuscany, Titans of space and Epic Citadel Rollercoaster. Any other must-see-demos? Your recommendations please

Cannot get separation working with Vireio

I am working on getting some classic FPS games to work with the rift.So far I have the following games working:DoomDescent 1, 2Quake IIHalf-LifeUnreal tournamentStartrek Voyager Elite ForceI am using GLDirect + Vireio (1.1.0) for this, and it seems t...

First Impression

Hello Rifters!So i spend the last evening with the Rift for the first time,and what can i say, don't know where to start, this thing is reallya game changer!For me was the scale and the 3D (especially very close things) themost impressive, it is F***...

Nedo by Level 3
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FEAR 2 ALMOST working in Rift. Help!

Hey guys, I got FEAR 2 running now in the rift, but 2 issues remain.The first and by far the most important issue, the sizes/feel/scale is wrong. Everything looks gigantic in the game, and the sense of depth isnt great as a result. I already changed ...

"I reject your Reality and substitute my own"

The Quote "I reject your Reality and substitute my own" comes from Adam Savage ( and while I really like it, I also feel that it fits VR very well.Having missed out on the Love VR T-Shirts that were part of ...

[VIDEO] Rev VR - Rift Kids Try Ocean Rift Demo

In this episode, the Rift Kids try out the Ocean Rift demo. The first two don't venture out too far, but the third seems to be asking for it. I, of course, knew that the shark was coming. She... did not. :twisted: The Rift Kids are anxious to do many...

We have come along way since 1993!

We have come along way in VR since 1993, check the following video from 10m27 >Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to embed video to start at the required position!

evil1 by Level 2
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Somthing very odd has happened since I've used my rift

I've been playing First Person Shooter games since Wolfenstein 3D came out. I've been playing the Halo series since day one on the original xbox. When given the option, I always, ALWAYS used and inverted up/down thumbstick.There's never been a questi...

Many games work in Tridef but not in Rift mode. Why?

This doesn't make sense. There are countless ga,es that run in tridef in sbs mode (bioshock infinite, fear 2, etc) but they don't run if you set tridef to "oculus rift mode". I mean, if they can get a ga,e to work I tridef, how hard can it be to simp...

How do I skip SHOCT calibration if I already know my IPD?

The instructions for SHOCT calibrating on Vireo do not work. For one, how can one tell where the exact cent of one's eye is to line up a red line to it? Secondly, half of the buttons do nothing (ie, pressing the F buttons needed to move convergence d...

List of image resolutions reported by the Rift hardware?

I couldn't find a list anywhere of all the resolution modes that the computer (Mac in my case) sees as supported by the Rift dev kit. That would be a useful list, for people to compare and find resolutions in common with their mirrored or split displ...

How do games/apps handle different users?

I understand that if i use the OR config utility,it will save my settings which SHOULD be picked up by games/apps.. But what about another user.My other 1/2 is MUCH smaller than me and my settings are going to be completely wrong for her... Whats the...

jweaver by Level 2
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upgrade the rift to full HD

Hi all,I'm too amazed of the rift, but the low res screen is a bit of a let down, even for a dev kit. (never thought 720p screen could be obsolete so quickly).Was wondering if there are any projects out there which manually upgraded the screen, It se...

MrWolf by Level 3
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Question for those who tried the HD Rift

I have a question for you guys, I notice on the dev Rift that the 3d effect is not perfect; the background is flat and the only 3d I feel is when object are close to my eyes, it feels like the 3d on a imax movie. I wonder if it is the screendoor effe...

Quicky first impressions

After five days of experimenting I feel I can give an informed set of first impressions of the Rift.Hardware: it feels good, the fit is comfortable and the headbands make it easy to get it quite solidly set on my head in combination with my (wireless...

goettel by Level 2
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Physical Customization of the Rift

I've seen a lot of cool faceplate/visor "mods" for lack of a better term. Seems like almost every picture of someone's personal dev kit, they have googly eyes, or symbols, or something on that faceplate. I realize most of us here are techies and/or h...

Packing my rift (URGENT)

Is the oculus case supposed to close smoothly without any force. In my case i need to apply pressure to close the last centimeter.


is it possible to turn off mouse movement tracking and use the Oculus as a 3d display to play all sort of games and even be on windows by using nvida 3d vision for 3dtvbasically use it as a head mounted 3d monitor

RukeD by Level 2
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Win an Oculus Rift Competition ? !

Hi Guys,At first and for a large part of my life, there was no oculus rift, I put in the order for 2 of them a long time ago, and of course I just received that order a few weeks ago. But like many of you out there, the wait was unbearable and about ...

[VIDEO] Rev VR - Rift Kids Try Roller Coaster

In this episode of Rev VR, The "Rift Kids" try out the Oculus Rift for the first time. Watch as they have their first VR experiences, and then give their reactions. The "Rift Kids" are anxious to do many more Oculus Rift demos!

Can somebody turn this into a Rift demo? Can I?

Hello all. I think this has great potential as a rift ride demo. Can someone make this ride with the song playing throughout? I have zero unity pro experience, but I'm a fast learner (if I had all the cardboard objects, I would be able to animate thi...