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PS3 Eye technical details

I was wondering if anyone knew the details of the PS3 Eye in terms of the USB2 4-port hub that is built in (presumably to accommodate the microphones).I was hoping to connect a second PS3 Eye to the initial one so that I could have a stereoscopic PS3...

Whats up with the Signed Kits?

Yes I know, another shipping Post.... :oops: But I would really like to know when we can expect the signed Riftikits to arrive. I have order #74 (in Germany) and afaik marcushast in Sweden has a signed one too (with OrderID #40) and we both are still...

drach by Level 2
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analog video signal from usb input to the rift

so i fly alot of fpv , and i want a better way to view my live feed , so i was wondering if anyone has managed to get just basic video out , eg the rift as a secondary screen, i have a 2.4ghz feed from my plane going to a 2.4ghz receiver ,through a u...

Playing Half-Life 2

WARNING: This thread might considerably slow down time while waiting for the Rift! Wow ... going from Demo to full game: Half Life 2This is unbelievable. The demos are nice, but playing a real game is something else entirely. All those places I have ...

Gerald by Level 4
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E3 Venue for meet up

We were thinking it would be nice to get everyone together in one place for E3.. maybe get the Bay area group together with the LA group. Looking for a suitable venue so that even people who don't have E3 passes could join. Bring your kits.. top secr...

People with a rift. Get out some loo rolls! :D

Sooo while i am still waiting on my rift im always thinking about how the fov really looks like. A lot of people say you could compare it with binoculars or that you are looking through a short tube. Maybe you guys could try looking through different...

Excited, like a child

I've been waiting for VR since I was about 15. About 20 years ago, I was skeptical about Oculas but after luminaries like Newell started advocating Oculas I started to really believe.I recently ordered Oculas Rift not because I'm a developer but beca...

Stri by Level 2
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Before complaining about shipping problems...(NSFW) this dude. Wow. Makes you realize that maybe we should chill a bit because we could look dumb on the internet. :shock: have never heard so many F-bombs in my life...If anyone takes the time to coun...

UDK - a great toolkit that could use a VR revamp

Well, in the downtime of the absence of my rift, I've became somewhat uninterested in anything but the rift and it's demos/games. I guess the best way to explain it is that once exposed to the Rift, gaming (on a whole) seems less interesting without ...

Mobile VR Rig

Hey all,I've been working on a rig to hold my laptop, Hydra, and Oculus Rift in order to play games hands-free. I thought there may be some interest in it. It's not great - the laptop is rather wide which means you need to be careful when using the H...

kingtut by Level 2
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You cats just have to make more videos.

Daily I exhaust YouTube of Oculus Rift videos. It's my obsession until mine comes.Problem is you guys keep dropin' the ball and not unloading enough videos.  For shame.Have some pity on us poor unfortunate souls who haven't received their rift yet.M...

If I pre-order Oculus SDK do I get the newer model?

I wanted to pre-order the Oculus rift, but the FAQ said that people should wait because they would improve on the model, such as comfort, display, etc. But my question is, is that if I pre-order the Oculus SDK kit do I keep the old model or can I get...

What does "estimated shipping June" mean?

I would like to know if anyone has received their rift earlier than the estimated time given,mor if they received it even later. When I ordered in April, it said shipping was estimated in June. In real-world terms does this mean it will arrive someti...

Herolord by Level 4
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Rift VR-Ready and Full-VR game logos

What about giving customers a clear identification that a game has either a VR Rift compatible mode or it's fully designed for VR?Just like we have HD-Ready and Full-HD TVs, consumers could clearly see on the game box if it's compatible or designed f...

SAO inspired game in the works

Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this but since this is Oculus related I thought I'd share. The people at ShinigamiCHOP are making a game called 1LifeONLINE.'m not in anyway affiliated wit...

Adult VR games?

Anti-Robot Propaganda"No thanks, I'd rather make out with my Marilyn Monrobot"

Wireless Oculus Rift Experiment

I use a Wireless HDMI transmitter to link my media center to my TV, and have a USB server for another project, then I wondered, could I use them to make the Rift wireless?It works suprisingly well, adding very little latency, just need a positional t...

Game Changer

I received my dev unit last night. I have to say, it's much more impressive than I expected.I can see this being a real game changer for a slice of the hardcore gaming crowd. Maybe even getting some uptake into a wider base once the resolution is bum...

Tourgen by Level 2
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How to chose the right lenses?

Many of the people I let try out the Rift are shortsighted. They tell me usually how many diopters they have but the lenses are only labeled with A, B and C which is not really helpful. I know that B stands for "a little shortsighted" while C means "...

spyro by Level 4
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May 10 Shipping Update (Reddit Repost)

Just reposting the Reddit update for those who didn't know to check there (sorry if this was already done, didn't see it in General Discussion, feel free to nuke this thread if its a dupe  

why not oled display?

Why everyone talking about LCD display and not AMOLED/OLED displayIt has several advantages.If you take, for example the ones in GalaxyS4_instantaneous Reactivity (your were saying the pixel reactivity where a problem when moving the head fast)_Deepe...

Tgaud by Level 2
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Good News / Bad News

I got my SDK today. It's good quality and was fairly comfortable to wear. The headset display is working properly. I got the resolution on my laptop computer to stay maximized even with the HDMI cable hooked up.Unfortunately none of the demos work. W...

Settings Library

All,I'm working on a library (Managed C# (first), and Unmanaged C (C++ for some compile options)) to provide a standardised way of storing Oculus configuration information. Looking for feedback on the idea - whether it will be used and what it should...

kingtut by Level 2
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A question of Kickstarter backer numbers

So according to the latest news bulletin, 30,000 Rifts have been sent out.Yet, not all of the 9,522 kickstarter backers have had theirs yet.Why not ? And who have those other 20.5 thousand gone to ?

siha by Level 3
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