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Resolved! New Community Manager - Oculus_RyanS

Hi everyone - I’m pleased to introduce you all to @Oculus_RyanS, a new dedicated Oculus community manager. Ryan’s full time, energy, and attention is going to be spent on our community. He (along with our existing team of fantastic volunteer moderato...

The Pavlov's dog effect. (Training level ideas please)

Ok, here is what I am noticing.I get sea sick but not car sick nor air sick, I can read while in the car or air on the boat in rough sea I just want to die. (I am told that after 7 or so odd days at sea I would get my sea legs but that is a prospect ...

Wookiee by Level 2
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Oculus Rift and tablets/smartphones

Hi to all I have a question about Oculus Rift and the integration with tablets/smartphones. Is it possible to connect it to those hardwares? I know that there is no integration with Androids and iOS but maybe someone managed to make it work? And what...

Lukas by Level 2
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Oculus Rift + Kinect

Check out what these guys are doing..Ethno Tekh test Oculus Rift + Kinect

I set up a temporary mirror...

To try and offset some of the slowdown on the servers here, I've set up the downloadable files on my own server as a mirror. The Unity library files are large, so they are still being uploaded, but here are the other two I was able to download:Window...

Arrival : Rift + T-shirt and Poster anyone ?

Hello everyone,As the shipment number seems pretty much strange, It look like :No one that ordered a rift+poster+t-shirt arrived ?T-shirt and poster too ?Right ?(posted on MTBS forum also)

"Focusing" or "Dialing In" Rift for me (glasses, etc.)

Everyone,What is the best way for me to figure out what setup I need to use with the Rift? I don't know how to best ask this question, so let me describe what I'm looking for...How do I know which lens cups to use, A B or C, is there a good program t...

Question regarding eyecups

From what I understand the different eyecups need differing distortion values in game. I was wondering if you can set this on a per-eye basis. I have one eye which is much worse than the other. Can I use different cups for each eye and make the disto...

razer hydra for unity FREE fix

so i heared a lot of people believe that they have to buy the pro version for 1500$ to implemate the razer i show what you have to fix to use it for the free version:(but its in german hope you can still see it out )

Straight answer on the shipping date

Hey guys. There are conflicting reports on whether the "June" delivery claim is correct or not. Some argue that the shipping is on track, amd as such, if it says June, then it will be June. Others say that the website and information is outdated and ...

2D animation in the Rift

I've been experimenting with my 2D animation in the Rift and have put the files HERE if anyone wants to check it out. Download all three files, then run the Stereoscopic metafile using Stereoscopic Player.I backed the Rift for the VR but watching 2D ...

Dashkin by Level 2
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Dynamic Sound

hello everyone!!i just had an idea of what could be added to the oculus. now i am not a programmer but what about creating a program which could be installed into a game which changes the sound when you turn your head in different could...

Rift dev kit V2.0

I learned that Oculus plans to make a dev kit V2.0, before the consumer version of the Rift. This was posted by a forum user a few weeks ago. Has there been any info leaks yet as to what improvements/adjustments the V2.0 will have over V1.0?

Any commercial discount for owners of developer kit?

I've been looking in to Oculus as a development tool. It seems like an extremely cool system, and something that could provide many opportunities. My main question is; have there been any announcements as to what happens to owners of developer kits w...

Anselm by Level 3
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pleas do a shipping update

I love oculus but this is a little ridiculous. Its the first Developer Kit and its okey to have delays but it doesnt take much time to tell us about those delays. it seems like the community actually knows a lot more then the oculus team. otherwise i...

halfshay by Level 2
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LA Oculus Developers group

Hey all who are located in or around LA. I was thinking of getting together quarterly or every couple of months just to get to know each other in person and have a drink. There will be more info here:


what (graphically) does the ocr require? & on what bus?I know it runs on an "output" but to what ratio to USB return to PC?...LAG?

Question about devs pre-ordering the consumer version

This may be too early for the Oculus team to comment on, but I'm curious: will those of us with a dev kit have a chance to pre-order or even receive the consumer version of the Rift before the masses? Assuming the Rift releases for the holidays (rega...

Preordering the next "thing"

I'm about to preorder everything what this new company build!no matter what, Rift #2, Rift #3 and so on, you have my creditcard where is the button???Sorry, the wait is just killing me!  Honestly, i doubt there will be a Devkit 2 soon as long they s...

Nedo by Level 3
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Body-Swap Illusion - Possible Use

I'm thinking about possible use of Body-Swap Illusion.Its can tricks you mind that Virtual body is yours and can increase total effect of VR.Possible implementation is to include movie after wearing Oculus in which you will see your body and you and ...

liromo by Level 2
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anime ghrapics vs real life ghrapics for oculus vr

what of those 2 do u guys think will be wanted for games around the world, anime or real life ghrapics?imo its the anime ghrapics because it looks more fun and cooler. for vrmmoprgs but the real life ghrapics look better for battlefield like games VS

Kirito by Level 2
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VR Trick: Eliminate controller rotation

As many of us are finding out, motion sickness is not an insignificant problem with the current state of VR. When I do demos for people, I generally just have them sit in the chair and look around as I control them because it's very easy for them to ...

Can you create an option to ship today for a fee?

I would gladly pay an extra 50 dollars to have the rift shipped now instead of in June. Surely, an extra 50 would make it economically viable to produce them fast enough to be able to ship to everyone already promised to ship by now, and to those tha...

Herolord by Level 4
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The "Holy Mackerel" Thread

With all the discussions about shipping times, international waits and general "where is my rift" threads, I wanted to add some positivity.I got my Rift hooked up last night and fired up the Sixense Tuscany demo and my mind is blown. I surfaced about...

Best software to rip 3D movies for the Rift?

Hey all - In prep for the arrival of my Rift I upgraded my 5" drive to a Blu-Ray drive. Now I am wondering how to best (and cheapest) rip 3D movies for playback in the rift.Currently I use Handbrake and DVDFab Passkey Lite (read: Free) to rip DVDs an...

TF2 Help

hello all,i just got my dev kit and wanted to test in TF2, i followed the wiki guide by making sure the launch options has -vr... then calibrate in the main menu with the dev console, however when i type "vr_calibration" i always get 'Unkown Command'...

Could SLI allow extremely high resolution dual screens?

Just out of curiosity, wondering if Oculus plans to realease a dual-screen oculus in the future (two independent screens at full resolution per each eye), and if so... could there be any possibility of making each screen rendered by a single GPU? One...

"RR" ("real reality")

I have discovered two very exciting demos for different applications of the oculus rift, which use real stereoscopic images instead of rendered images. I call it "RR" because it's a way of immersing into a real but distant place and/or bygone moment....

hobel by Level 2
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