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Resolved! New Community Manager - Oculus_RyanS

Hi everyone - I’m pleased to introduce you all to @Oculus_RyanS, a new dedicated Oculus community manager. Ryan’s full time, energy, and attention is going to be spent on our community. He (along with our existing team of fantastic volunteer moderato...

got some free sw for you to use for tracking

i used a program called negative screen to make the color change; made my own color and added it to the program by editing the configuration file.copy and paste this over the corresponding sec...

Something wrong with the on sale section?

HiWhen I look in the rift store under the On Sale section, it is showing a bunch of full price stuff.Seems a bit dishonest imo claiming stuff is on sale and it actually charging full price..... Or am I doing something wrong (I am not sure what!)Thank...

Can no-longer go into steam setting while in VR (WMR)

Using WMR before I just pressed the thumb button in and it took me to the Steam setting and library etc. Now when I do this it just pauses the room in Steam Home and I can't change my controller setting height or anything in Steam? So I can't change ...

RedRizla by Level 15
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Can you move downloaded games etc between PCs easily?

I ask because I don't have great internet at home and it would be nice if I could download something like Asgurds Wrath at my office on my laptop (where the internet is half decent) and then transfer to my game PC. I do this all the time with Steam g...

Poker stars vr

I have a Quest. So far so good. With PokerStars the game crashes all the time . Sick of it already. It's almost always at the worst time. I've tried lowering my chip stack, tied ear buds, lower the volume, uninstalling .....nothing helps. After 30 mi...

Laptop for Oculus Rift

This is to the people who are using a Rift with a laptop. What model laptop are you using?I want to buy a laptop to use with my Rift but I want to do it as cheaply as possible. I am trying to find the oldest model of laptop that will work with a Rift...

Oculus Rift vs Oculus Quest

So after a great demo at Best Buy, I had some questions. I work in Unreal Engine, for various productions and have some questions. I love the non-wired all inclusive potential of the Quest, however, with working in production, would it be better for ...

Can we?

Do we have the technology and hardware in place to do this? 1, create a virtual home base where we could go to talk or at least slightly interact with loved ones? People in situations that time is a major factor against them could use active ar scann...

HMD Teardown Videos

Just came across the Vive Pro teardown and realised there are quite a few now - thought i'd put them in one thread.Vive Pro:

Configurations on the WiFi connection

Does anyone know the answers to the following questions:Are the configurations on the WiFi connection for Oculus Go the same with that for Oculus Quest? Why does Oculus manufacturer allow one to configure the proxy, port, etc. for Oculus Quest, as th...

Buying Gear VR, GO and quest games

Okay I still don't understand.. I have all 3 devices. If I go to the store and buy one on My Gear VR or GO is it the available for install on all 3 devices??...... Some on here say go to the library on your Quest and at the top of Library there is a ...

Observer - Will this game have VR Support?

Observer looks like an interesting fit for VR from the developers (Bloober Team) who made Layers of Fear (another game that would be good for VR). Take a look at the trailer and then 10 minute gameplay before reading on please.

Oculus Quest Mirrored to TV??

Will the Oculus Quest be able to mirror the screen to a TV? Half the fun of VR is having people watch what you're playing. It would be pretty boring if no one could see what you're doing...

bsselp by Level 4
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Reality of XBox VR Claims

It seems that as was suspected, there was no truth to the claims that Microsoft and OculusVR were working on a Xbox version of the hardware [other than a very limited streaming deal] - and now following OC6 it has also been revealed that the claims t...

Oculus Virtual Desktop: FOV/Zoom

Hello,Because of my setup I'm not able to see my monitor from where my racing seat/vr headset are located. So, as soon as I launch Oculus and put the headset on I click the Virtual Desktop button on the lower toolbar with the controller and return to...

How can I make it just stay

Hi all people,I have the rift s, I bought onward through steam and have added it to the oculus library each time I start my computer up onward isn’t in my library I have to keep pushing the + icon and add it how can I make it just stay in their Thank...

Dumb questions from a new user

I'm new to VR with my Rift-S. If I go to a website other than Oculus and they have a VR video (Youtube for example). I have two questions; 1. If on my gaming laptop I go to youtube and click on a VR video, how do you connect into the video? I see the...

mnray by Level 2
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So, Who has actually pre-ordered a HTC Cosmos?

Rather than discuss the potential pros/cons of considering whether or not to pre-order a Cosmos versus other VR headsets, who has actually pre-ordered one? I for one have pre-ordered one. Once these are delivered (hopefully next month) we can start a...

Were the critics right: Is VR just a Fad/Gimmick?

I have spent more time "lurking" instead of "contributing" to VR discussions this year, between this forum, reddit, and the Facebook groups. I have found myself wanting to do more observing and reflecting in 2019, as opposed to the active contributio...

Zenbane by Level 15
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an idea for a augmented reality app

change the colors as shown here; change the voice as shown here; have to take a camera and microphone and tape the video and sounds in real life then feed the altered colored image and sou...

Cross save

Is cross save a thing with titles that are available on both the Rift and the Quest?

xeno3d by Level 6
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Back2The Beginning: Starting your business

Hey guys! I am a senior at Wingate University and am doing some research for my business law class. Virtual Reality is really fun when looking at innovation, marketing strategies and the economics of it- but kind of difficult when trying to find laws...

Easy Distortion Fix for those of us wearing glasses please?

Oculus software already generically accounts for barrel/pincushion distortion, chromatic aberration, and depth perception. This is exactly what is needed to be fixed properly for those of us wearing glasses - it is common knowledge that more often th...

Ashaza by Level 3
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