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email ....fake or not

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Hi all, I have received this email supposedly from Oculus. Can anyone tell me if it is legit or not, many thanks in advance. Here`s the email address and the email.


Quest 2 Silicone Cover order #361134xxxxxx744. We are unable to complete your order until your phone number is updated. Review and update your phone number as soon as possible by logging into your account or clicking the “Update Order” button below. Our shipping carriers may use this phone number to contact you if any questions or issues arise during delivery, so please ensure it is correct. Once you add a valid phone number to your order, we can begin processing. We expect it to ship in the next 2 to 4 weeks. You can always check your order status by logging into your Oculus account via Facebook. We will also send you another email with the tracking number as soon as it ships. We are working hard to produce and ship Quest 2 Silicone Covers as quickly as possible and we truly appreciate your patience. If you are unable to update your phone number, or if you have any questions, contact Oculus support. Thank you, The Oculus Team



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Seems to be legit. Apparently Oculus is insisting on having a phone number for the silicone replacements.

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Volunteer Moderator

I don't know if it was how you wrote this post or not, but looking at that email link the visible part of the link is but if you mouse over it the link is (which isn't valid).


If in doubt, don't do the "clicking the “Update Order” button below" and instead log in to your oculus account manually and update the phone number there. As long as you are on, it will be legitimate.


I've sometimes had couriers use the phone number field that most online orders have, they've called me to say my delivery was near, or sent sms notifications.

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