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games only for each headsets

Level 2

why are games sold under the oculus store only sold for one headset so if you buy a game on the quest 2 you can't play it on your rift vice versa and they want you to buy the same game again even though its under the same account


Level 15

Some games are cross play, meaning you can buy it for one platform and it is good for the other. It should tell you in the description of the game if that is the case so you will know when you purchase. 

But certainly there are games you would have to buy for each platform. 

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i can understand that but i don't understand why i can still play the games but not download them it makes no sense since clearly you can play them....

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hello BriskItea, as for buying games and playing them on different gen platforms, we have a cross-buy section where you do not need to buy the game multiple times. Like dburne said.

Click HERE for the selection of games with this certain feature.

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

The important thing to remember is that it isn't an Oculus Store, it's two separate stores.

One store is for the Rift which was the PC only headset, this is the store that has games that are developed for a PC and installed on the PC and uses the PC's power (CPU, memory, etc) to run the game.


The Quest Store is for games that are designed to run on the mobile processor that the Quest has and they're installed on the headset. A developer may choose to write a version of the same game for both headsets and so they would then be available in both stores, the developer may also decide that if you buy one version, you get the other version for free, that's cross-buy.


The confusion comes for some people because the Quest can now play both types of game, either as a stand-alone headset without the need for a PC or when connected to a PC, playing the Rift games that are installed on that.

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