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i modified my oculus rift to fit my glasses

Level 8
Lens width: 57 millimeters
Lens height: 17 millimeters

Now my glasses have a little wiggle room and the nose part of the glasses isn't pressing into my nose.

There's a small protruding bump on the part of the rift that touches the outside of the glasses. i had to cut the cloth part on the rift to reveal this plastic bump then i took at 60 grain sand paper and rubbed the bump down. i kept rubbing until the glasses felt good in the rift.

on the face plate with the foam, the temples would touch, and press into my head making the glasses press onto my nose which was painful.

So i took the blade part of a small miniature hacksaw, and held it by hand and whittled down the plastic on the face plate removing the foam where i was cutting.

now i can use my rift with no trouble.


what does this mean that i am showing you this? i want to tell oculus directly, dont put that bump on the side of the inside of the rift where the glasses might touch it, its not good.

and remember the glasses temples when you make your face plate, make the face play for glasses wearers and regular non-glasses wearers.

i shouldnt have had to cut my rift up to get it to work as intended. remember what i am telling you, take note, and fix these small errors in your next rift, think of the glasses wearers with 57mm wide glasses. my ipd is 72 as well fyi.


Level 10
truly remarkable how much you've destroyed your rift over the past year  😄

Level 7
Well... he can still sell that in ebay with arguments like:
- "limited custom edition"
- "slightly used"
- "comes with pre-installed eyeglass modification (no extra charge)"
- "improved ventilation"
- "reduced weight"
- "In my mind is almost as good (if not even better) as new".

...but jokes aside people do go long ways to solve a problem which they want to solve. You've solved yours so gr8 job - even tho I do have a feeling that warranty was void during the process 🙂

Level 5
I just got my widmovr lens inserts, much better solution.

Level 4
"Modified"? That's not the first word that comes to my mind when i see these photos. I'd call that "destroyed" or at least "damaged". A new, cheap pair of glasses wasn't an option?
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