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if you wear glasses

Level 2
and are really blind without them like me, what do you do

I had to cut the back strap......its a real bad design IMO that doesn't all allow more movement

But cutting the bottom strap seems to have helped, it still stays on with just the top part ad my glasses are inside

Level 9
No, that company is making identical width faceplates, with more "depth" for glasses : Not only I don't need more depth for my "thin but wide" glasses, but adding depth would only further reduce my Field Of View, and that Field Of View is already bad enough to kill my immersion as it is.

Level 2
Can I wear my rather thick glasses with the Oculus VR?

Level 2
I got prescription lenses from vroptician, depending on where you are located, it is definitely something I would recommend, they cost a bit, but the difference is.....insane, no way i could go back to wearing glasses inside headset.

Level 5

Can I wear my rather thick glasses with the Oculus VR?

Before you wear your Oculus Rift CV1 headset with glasses, check to make sure that the width and height of your frames are as follows:

Width: 142 mm or less
Height: 50 mm or less

On side note: I recently ordered the long interface kit for CV1 (for persons who wear glasses) from

Using app TestHMD resulted in a loss of vFOV 18°/ hFOV 10° 
over CV1 standard interface kit.