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instant VR Player using VLC clone video filter

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Hi All,

Now that the DK2 can display 1920x1080 in extended desktop mode, try this for watching movies with VLC player in stereo:

- make sure window snapping is turned on, rift is extended mode

- open VLC ->settings->view advanced settings->filters->select clone video filter
* note, this can be pretty unstable, crashes a lot. best to close VLC after this and then start a video file with right click->open with VLC*

- video will now be playing in two separate windows.

- switch display configuration to only display on the rift.

- while looking through the rift at the screen, snap one video window to the left side of the screen and the other to the right.

Bam, instant IMAX.

Now finding it hard to watch movies, TV shows on the regular TV because the feeling of depth is missing.

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Why not use "VR Player" for that? It has all you need... You can cange the FOV... The Dimensions of the Screen.
Normal or Dome Projection... Its all there... :?:

And it supports Headtracking....

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cool, I thought this might be one of the players you had to pay for but not so, will give this a try as well. Thanks nicorose.

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Is this on your PC or did you install vlc player on your head unit?  and if so how did you do it?

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

This is an old thread relating to the DK2, back in the days when you had extended or direct modes for PCVR, whereby the headset was either an extension of your desktop or driven independently. In this case it looks like the OP was describing a way to use VLC on their PC in extended mode instead of a dedicated VR player. All software for DK2's is installed on the PC, same as Rifts.

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