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my laptop isn't working with oculus link

Level 2
so i got the hp omen 15-en0013dx and it says that you can play vr on it, but when i try oculus link, it's a lagged out mess that won't load up any games. i have the official usb type c cord that oculus makes you buy for $70 and it still doesn't work. does anyone have an answer to this problem if so i would be forever greatful. thank you.

Level 14
What dedicated gpu do you have?  Is it on the Oculus Link compatible list?

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Level 8
 Is this it? . Oculus doesn't make you buy their link cable, many 3rd party 3.0 cables were announced at the beginning to work. Then they updated to include USB 2.0 cables. I don't think your issue is the cable.
 Doesn't look like that lappy even has a dedicated GPU, I find nothing that states it is recommended for even first gen VR HMD's. Sorry I don't think there is anything you can do to get a good VR experience out of that lappy. Just not capable   
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