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oculus quest 2 software

Level 2

love the vr headset, just hate the software games. geared toward 8 to 10 year olds, i want realistic graphics, maybe make a section for adults. and a section for juveniles. also maybe a designer thing for people. most of the games are fantasy. and cartoonish. hate that! and yah i have been around before microsoft was using dos. better vr coders are needed. but on the plus side oculus is cool tech. and can be expanded. and by designers, make it allowable to construct things on a vr level and see if that is viabile, would love to see that happen. i retired from boeing and i saw great innovations, and went from a entry level mechanic to a machinist working with abb robots. and cnc equipment. love tech. as well as design and developement.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Oof! 😅This one kind of hurts, jess8320! We've created an ideas section here in the community forums for your suggestions. Please tell us more about how we can approve by clicking here. We love to hear what you have to say. 

The difficulty with realism is that it takes a lot of processing power, which the Quest doesn't really have a lot of. Cartoonish and cel-shaded graphics are much less demanding to generate so they tend to be more common.