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possible add on for vr

Level 8
"Researchers from the National Taiwan University, National Chengchi University, and Texas A&M University say that haptic feedback delivered to the head right from a VR headset can significantly reduce discomfort related to smooth locomotion in VR."

I live next to a major highway and hear traffic from a mile or so away from where i use my PC and hear low rumble from the cars that's aggravating.

i found that by having a sound in my room that's a rumble like sound that's like a waterfall that blends the low rumble noise from the cars making the noise from the cars not be irritating anymore.

i have a fan pointed at one of the pinwheel fan toy which makes sound, i tried a wind vane windmill but it looked dangerous ;

i notice when people get the sense of falling they stretch out their hands and try to hold onto something. that something they reach towards serves the same purpose my pinwheel fan serves.

but in vr there is no such sound and nothing to grab onto that could be solved by 1.) adding in a pinwheel like sound somewhere in the vr room to hear constantly, and 2.) add on a weight that shifts to stay on one x,y,z coordinate even when the person rotates their head to look around.

the weight idea could help people not feel vulnerable and serve as a placebo. add on a weight to their primary hand, 5 pounds or so, even 2 pounds, something thats heavy enough to lift and feel your holding something, it serves the same purpose as holding a sword with two hands and the weight the top hand closer to the sword hilt feels. its this weight that serves as a smoking like sucking sensation that gives smokes that safe good feeling that gum chewing replaces and is why consoles like the ps4 are famous they have the hand weight.

Level 9
Interesting. A lot of people find that having a simshaker seat helps conquer VR sickness in Flight Sims. 🙂 it gives some degree of physical connection to the perceived aerial manoeuvres. No reason to think it couldn't also work for smooth locomotion as described in the article.
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Level 8
i assume there is a weight to the sound level heard from the left and right ear corresponding to the weight in the left and right hand.

there is a time the hands are moving and a time the hands and arms are at rest.

if your left handed, and hear more sound level in the left ear than the right, and your hands go to rest, if your head is tilted to the left your comfortable, else your head is tilted to the right and your not comfortable, which for VR means this head tilt shows your not getting the weight in the hand and hearing that makes you comfortable.

for a right handed person, their right ear hears more sound level than their left ear, their hands go to rest, and their right hand is stretched or moved forward and their head is tilted to the right. this shows comfort with what their hearing and seeing.

so doing some psychological tests you identify your dominant hand then go through sound level tests to make the side your handed the ear that hears the most sound level, then play a game and the psychologist marks your head tilt for different parts of the game to tweak those parts to make you comfortable.

meaning a left handed person would play a game and hear sounds to match their left handedness and left ear being the dominant ear hearing the sound levels the loudest and best. a right handed person would play a right handed game and hear right handed sounds.



if there is opposites facing each other, the left hand faces the right hand  so that each hand tilts to the other hands good side if both sides tilt to their good side. this leads to ask who is the super-class and who is the sub-class. the point is it doesn't matter, what matters is one hand becomes a sub-class so a representation of the other. this makes the sub-class create fun for the super-class.

so if that's right, a left handed person will derive no fun from dominating a left handed person face to face, and a right handed person will derive no fun from dominating a right handed person face to face. but pit a lefty vs a rightly and make a game of it and there is fun for the winner like smoking or a good ps4 game.

so this would matter in game making too and if done poorly might attribute to making person feel sick in VR or being happy and having fun.


therefore, the dominant hand being at rest and moved forward as it rests and the dominant ear hearing sound at a higher sound level, the head tilting to the side the same as the dominant hand = the good, then reverse this to where the hand is moving and the head is tilted away from the dominant side., the head tilts to hear more from the weaker side = bad.

if good = start or learning, then as you learn a subject like math instead of going to sleep your alert and in a learning frame of mind, fully awake.
then bad, you don't have to learn, you do instead and so doing you tilt your head to the weaker side, pull in your dominant hand, try to hear more from your less dominant ear.

so, if that's all true, a good game or story, starts with the listener learning, the head tilts to their dominant side, then the story or game shifts to a doing what was learned stage and then the person shifts their head to their weaker side. this is what you want from your product like games and stories. tilting the head otherwise shows no learning or learning but no doing. or no learning and no doing = the worst product.

Level 2
Launch the chrome.exe file in the folder. In the address bar, open chrome://flags#enable-webvr and enable WebVR. In the address bar, open chrome://flags#enable-gamepad-extensions and enable Gamepad Extensions. Open the SteamVR application.