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"Steam Controller" announced

Level 3

Level 3
"PenguinJim" wrote:
"elig" wrote:
Worst controller ever. Destined for failure. Mark my words, that controller will be Valve's biggest failure. Love the steam machines, love steamos, but that controller is the worst I have ever seen.

It doesn't look comfortable or superior to me, either, I'll still be interested in trying it before dismissing it. ^^

Yep, this is Valve we're talking about, you can't judge their controller without trying it
This looks like the first hybrid between mouse/KB and a console controller, a device which allows the players to play normal games as well as strategy-based type games like starcraft2
If that's the case, it means it's the first of its kind to bring the precision of a KB/mouse combo to a gamepad.

Level 2
I'm willing to try it before dismissing it (If it get's popular i'll have to support it anyway) but i'm a bit sceptical: I think it's going to suck for games which are usually played with thumbsticks.. imagine playing CoD/StreetFighter/Halo/etc. with your laptop touchpad :/. And my personal opinion is that playing games such as Civilization with a touchpad is also a pain compared to having a mouse.

And by the way.. am I the only person on earth who doesn't like haptic feedback?, I disable it on all my touch devices because the vibration annoys me or itches, I do like it for force feedback however.

Maybe we just need an upgraded PowerGlove, one that's less bad (:
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Level 2
I was a console gamer before PC and I still love me some couch gaming, so I'll definitely install SteamOS on my old Laptop (Currently running Linux Mint exclusively anyway) and give the controller a shot. I'm definitely sceptical but if all they promise turns out to actually work as advertised it could be by far the best controller of the bunch. The haptics especially sound interesting. Theoretically you could map the mouse to the middle ring of the right touchpad and ABXY (or even four more buttons) to the outer ring and make the user feel where they are through haptic feedback. Reading through some of the developer feedback that seems to be the general idea anyway: