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refund, rift s, quest

Level 2

I bought in death on rift s and I also own a quest and not only is it not free on quest but it never once on the store nor in the game (on rift version) did it state anywhere that the quest version is the only one they work on now. wondering if even though I played more than 2 hours on it if they would give a refund or at least trade me for the quest version.


I literally bought the game today and the only reason i even played for more than 2 hours was because the game was so hard.. I was expecting more to the game but couldn't beat the first boss so finally when I did I went to the menu to see what else was on the game and that was it... and i wasn't that mad about that I was just then hoping I could get it on my quest also and upon searching for it noticed it said $29.99 which I just payed for the game and also that it had been the only one with season 2 on it!! so annoying.... like how hard would it be to just send the software to the quest platform. like for real???? rift s is supposed to run both platforms!!!


Level 6