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suggestion for balance

Level 2

i would love to see something similar to what xbox or playstation has with gift cards so you can add money onto your account so that way you don't have to use or debit or credit card or purchase oculus games if you dont have a credit or debit card so that way you can add balance onto your account to purchase whatever you like


Level 7

You could also just buy a card at the gas station (or most stores) where you can use cash to load money onto a credit/debit styled disposable gift card. 

Level 16

Now that I have more family and friends investing in VR (thanks to the cost of Quest 2), I think it's high time that Oculus allow purchasing of credits and/or software that can be transferred to other users.


For now, we do have a work-around with the ability to buy Credit Cards at a store and then use that to purchase software. But it's still a bit archaic. I have to buy a $50 gift card and send it to a friend in order for them to buy a piece of VR Software to own. While workable, it would be much more sensible - and streamlined - if I can simply purchase the App inside VR, and send it to them within VR.


I mean hell... it's VR afterall 😁


For example, within Oculus Home, we've been able to place gaming cartridges of VR Software we own. And we can use our hands to grab those cartridges, place it in a console, and then grab a virtual HMD, place it on our heads, and launch the game. It's a fairly epic feature considering it all takes place within VR itself.


Now only if we were able grab a gaming cartridge and hand it to another person in VR! And the viola, that person now owns the app. This would be rather amazing, since we would be triggering financial transactions and asset transference with mere gestures.

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Volunteer Moderator

They added game gifting a few months back. When you make a purchase, you have the option to buy for a friend. (It works on the web store or the app, not sure about within the headset.) You enter your friend’s email address, and they get a redemption code emailed to them. Just make sure it’s a correct email, because the code can be redeemed by anyone who gets ahold of it. I haven’t tried it, but I’ve heard that the redemption process is a bit clunky—I think the recipient has to know what game it is, and go to that game’s store page to redeem it.




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