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tethering gear vr to pc for gaming and booting apps OTHER than the oculus home screen first

Level 2
My goal is to be able to dock my samsung s7 phone into the gear VR, then I DO NOT WANT the oculus home screen to boot automatically, so that I can load an app called "intugame" that allows me to control my pc with the phone. is there some way to be able to open the intugame within the oculus home screen? like if I added the intugame apk to a certain oculus file?

Also with the phone docked in the gear VR, I would like to be able to tether it to my pc with usb to reduce the amount of lag as much as possible? ive read that the port on the bottom of the Gear VR is only for charging purposes. but maybe if I adjust some settings I can make that port work(pass through). is there a certain driver my pc needs to be able to recognize the gearVR? because it doesnt recognize it at all. 

one last question, is there a way to pass through a mouse or usb wireless receiver for xbox 360 wireless controller? if I plug in my mouse to the phone while the intugame is open, a cursor does come up that I have control over, but it is not the same one on my pc, it is overlaying on my phone's screen.

BTW my phone is already rooted.

p.s. is there an easier way to play games from my pc on the gear vr, with little to no lag, not using wifi?

Level 2
I've figured out how to quarantine the oculus apps, so I can load intugame first. still need help with the rest, I beg of you.

Level 7
First Google hit for "tether gearvr" gives this, seems to work

I don't understand your question about the 'pass through' - as I understand it you would just use them all connected to the PC, not the phone. You're aiming to use the GearVR as a remote screen, not a remote input device.

Level 2
We are having the same problem as well. Would love to know if you got it solved!

Level 4
Have to use cardboard or a knockoff Or rest the phone inside without plugging in the usb. No matter what even usb teathered the motion to photon lag will make the mass majority of people ill. 

I got mine working with elite dangerous using track IR for positional. The motion lag is very noticable.