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unreal engine and oculus rift

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when you're using oculus rift with a VR developed using unreal. is the unreal engine sending the data to the goggles or is it sending the data to the oculus software and the software is sending it to the goggles?

I've been wondering about this and I couldn't find a clear answer so a respond would be very much appreciated.
thank you

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Everything always goes through the Oculus software, regardless of engine used.
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Level 2
thank you for the quick answer

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
Here's the basic steps:
- the oculus sdk creates a render texture and gives it to unreal
- unreal renders a stereo view into the texture
- unreal tells the oculus sdk that the frame is ready
- the oculus sdk handles getting the texture onto the actual rift display, distorting it in the process to compensate for the lenses

Windows and Unreal can't see the rift itself as a display, they don't know it exists as such. The oculus software handles all that.
(and as cyber said, all engines that support the rift work this way)
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