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weird visual artifact (update: apparently refresh rate )

Level 2
It's kind of hard to explain but it's only on the inside of the right eye (medial.) If I'm still , it's fine. If I move with any decent speed it creates sort of like a water type ripple only in the area.

The strange this is I installed the sdk and tried the Rift with the desk scene for the first time. The artifact was not there. After about 5 minutes it started. I tried everything and it wouldn't go away. I rebooted and went back to the desk scene and it was completely gone and smooth as butter again. It returned a few minutes later and is now constant no matter if I reboot.

It's not the lens because if I remove the lens I can see it happening by looking down at the screen.

It's not the screen itself (I don't think) because If I move really slow then it doesn't happen. It's only with motion.

I don't think it's the camera tracking because why would it only be on the right eye on the very inside?

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling runtime but it now stays. I thought maybe it was from my Logitech software (for headphones and keyboard) because that software had problems with the DK1 causing the DK1 not to headtrack until I turned the logitech software off. It's not that because I turned it off and it still does it.

Anybody else having this problem?

edit: It apparently has something to do with my refresh rate. My monitor is a 120 hz monitor. If I put it on 120 it makes the rift real choppy but the slivery water artifact GOES AWAY. If I put the refresh back to 60 then the artifact returns. If I put the refresh rate to 100 hz then the artifact happens on the right outside portion of the right eye.

Level 2
I know exactly what you're describing. I have this exact issue. I described it as a kind of tearing effect. I was never able to eliminate it.


Level 2
Yeah I guess it is a tearing effect. The reason I didn't call it that at first is that it's in such a small vertical section that appears as a water ripple when you move. But now that you've said it does seem to be tearing in only that small section.

Oh well, now you know that it is refresh rate/fps/possibly vsync related. I will experiment more when I get off of work.

Thank you.