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when we wil lget a update for experimantal roomscale ?

Level 5
i and a few other got this jumping issue when we turn around. when we could expect a update to fix this ? i dont want to use my rift or show them to friends. this is not a good advertising. greez

Level 16
I don't think everyone's got a jumping issue like you, so it could be that your sensors are positioned wrong or are disconnecting.

Level 5
Some info on how your sensors are setup, and perhaps some system info, could help others see if you're experiencing a known issue, and perhaps already have a solution you could try. 

Level 2
Well I am about to try my 4th sensor (on usb 2.0) in hopes that the jumping I am getting is just simple occlusion as it does seem to occur when facing the direction where occlusion is most likely.  Ill have my two front main on usb 3.0 and the two rears on 2.0.  Time for more clear packing taped wires on the ceiling...primitive but effective. lol