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why does asus antivirus stop some games from downloading? im new to using pc instead of mac...ideas?

Level 2
i recently bought the new Asus Republic, Oculus rift, and several games, including the current "summer sale" pack of 4 games. but when i tried to download them, i get notifications telling me my antivirus software (it doesnt name which app) is blocking the download...and im so new to PC from macs, i barely k now how to use this gaming laptop yet. totally a Noob to PC and VR gaming,  but am buying into it, specifically i wanna learn how to get GTA 5 to play on the Rift, which it will, but you have to download, copy and move several files, and download VorpX (which i did already today). i jjust dont know how to smoothly navigate  the download, placeing, and moving of files, or to messing with the factory antivirus software. any help means gold to me, and is much appreciated. thanks.

Level 13

snowdog said:

Good grief. Whatever you do DO NOT listen to these people. Get rid of Avast, yes, but DON'T just rely on Windows apps to safeguard your PC. I suggest you get ESET Smart Security, it's the best firewall and anti-virus out there and make sure you do scans every week at least.

Reading these posts above filled me with almost as much horror as reading on the Oculus Reddit not so long ago that someone is using a completely un-updated version of Windows 7. 😮

As someone that used to do system admin and IT support hearing or seeing these sorts of things gives me nightmares lol

My PC is like Fort Knox for good reason  B)

I also make sure I completely format my OS hard drive and reinstall Windows at least once per year too.

Hmmm... i've gotta say snowdog, i disagree.

Like driving a car, there is passive protection against injury (safety features out of your control) and active - your driving.

It is up to the user of the PC to avoid a messy computer.  Then again, if you mess up it's a good idea to have anti virus.

I note the original poster was a MAC user so it's likely they know nothing about technology - advise away!