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Meta Quest Pro has a yellowish / brown haze in top right corner of display

Level 2

This is in addition to the dimming we see all around the edges, which doesn't bother me to much, but this brown haze is really distracting - especially in dark settings. It's also present in the top left, but no where near as noticeable. I'm sure there's a software fix coming, just wondering if anyone else has seen this or it's just me... 


You’re not alone, Handpuppe. Me and everyone else who’s posted picture and video evidence are having the same issue.

TomCgcmfc I am sure you know this, but you are not helping here. 

Level 3

Funny thing happen after coming out of Pokerstars VR yesterday. My headset was darker around the edges, like the local dimming was still adjusted. It fixed the haze issue but was more distracting in other ways, after reboot it was back to 'normal'. 

@BigWurm wrote:

TomCgcmfc I am sure you know this, but you are not helping here. 

Sorry mate at least I'm trying, lol!


Maybe go into the quick settings Experimental and enable the even out brightness option.  It does seem to help a little.  I found I needed to restart my QP for this to take effect.

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Level 3

I have noticed this as well and seems to be somewhat dependent on how close the eyes are to the lenses.  If I remove my glasses and push the HMD so my eyes get much closer to the lenses the "orange glow" around the edges is greatly reduced.  I wonder if this could be an artifact of the way these pancake lenses work and the severity of the effect might vary between batches of lenses.

Just a Heads up, this is my headset ON reddit

I'm a 47 year old professional, not a Reddit "kiddie". I paid 1500 for a headset that is really yellow on the edges and very distracting. If you can look at that picture and not see that there is an actual problem. I don't know what more to say..


It isn't "fishy", it's a common issue a lot of people are having. I'm glad your headset is good, but I am on a second headset that is having this exact problem. Not really inclined to go for another replacement, so I'll probably just be returning mine. 

OculusSupport, any update from the engineers?

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hi everyone!


Thank you for sharing your experiences! 


A peripheral yellow glowing light can be a pretty common phenomenon for LCD displays, and is most visible under a low light environment, especially when looking at high visual contrast content. Ensuring a correct fit when wearing the headset may also reduce the peripheral yellow glowing. You can adjust the fit of your headset by using the fit wheels at the top and back of the headset. Ensuring a correct fit when wearing the headset may also reduce the peripheral yellow glowing.

Adjusting the Headset Fit
Safely place your headset on your head and turn the rear fit wheel to tighten and loosen your Quest device until the headset fits comfortably and securely around your head. You can also adjust the tilt wheel at the top of the headset, as well as the IPD, or distance between your eyes, by sliding the tilt wheel to the right or left.

If you enable it, your Meta Quest device will guide you through this process to help ensure an optimal fit. You can enable our headset fit adjustment feature by navigating to Settings in VR, selecting Display, and then Fit adjustment. Toggle Fit adjustment on to enable it. You can disable fit adjustment at any time by toggling the feature off in Settings.

If you continue to notice the issue after adjusting the headset, please let us know the following details: 

  1. Can you share an image of what you’re seeing on your end? 
  2. Are you seeing the issue in a particular app? 
  3. Are you using light blockers? 
  4. Are you in a well-lit room?
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Thanks for your reply. One thing I have been trying to get clear about is whether this is a normal feature of the displays, or whether this is a defect. The glow around the edges is not subtle, it is intense and distracting. I have adjusted the headset in multiple ways (according to the headset, my fit is perfect), I have tried with and without the light blockers, I have tried different lighting environments. The effect is always there and prominent. In low light game/app environments (like watching movies and some games) especially, it makes the device very unpleasant to use. 


I have been in contact with Meta Store Support, and been told that this is a defect after showing them images. I am including an image of what the glow looks like when viewing a dark loading screen. I have a replacement headset now that does the exact same thing. In your view, is this the normal functioning of the device? Or are these defective units? 


Headset Image.png