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can't enable developer mode...

Level 2

I've created a dev account and created an organisation, whenever i try to enable developer mode on the app it says "We're having problems with loading this. Please try again"




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @jabj29,


That doesn't sound right to us either. We definitely want you to be empowered to build for the future with access to use your developer account. Thank you for using Your Community to shed light on this issue you're experiencing!


Reporting this bug from your headset or mobile app is a great first step for an error like this.


Next, we highly suggest the following plan of action:


  1. Make sure you Verify Your Account if you haven't already.
  2. Update Your Meta Quest 2 Software
  3. Delete the mobile app, reinstall it, and restart your phone.
  4. Log back in to the mobile app and Enable Developer Mode.

If you need any further help just let us know. We look forward to seeing an update from you!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey again @jabj29,


We'd like to imagine that you're totally engrossed in Developer Mode right now, too busy to respond. We just don't know though.


Did the steps provided previously help you make it past the error message you received?


Remember that if you need anymore assistance, all you have you have to do is reach out here directly in PM or contact Your Meta Quest Support Team, and you'll be in caring hands!

Can someone please help me I’m having the same problem and have done all those steps but still can’t turn on developer mode. I used to be able to now it won’t toggle on

Hey ShadyBrody! We know the time this is taking off from being able to do new projects, and we get how frustrating this issue can be. Which is why we want to make sure to verify your Developer account by clicking here. Once this is done please let us know if it helped! You can also click here for more updates on other Developer issues your experiencing.

You can also post in our Developer Forums for more information and help from our awesome community. We appreciate the on going patience and understanding.

I’m having the same problem. My dev account has been verified according to the link provided but I can’t toggle developer mode