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Building transparent shapes

Community Manager
Community Manager

Does anyone know how to make shapes transparent? For example when wanting to create realistic glasses and bottles.


Level 4

Sadly, no general purpose transparency at the moment. Current hack is to use transparent text via "<alpha=0.50>I" to make a 50% transparent capital i, and then stretch it to size. Can also use periods for round things.  This is how people make windows. Flat only, obvz.

Level 3

You could build the bottles or glasses out of the alpha text mentioned by Shards. Not the most solid looking, but transparent nonetheless. 

Need example new to script writing . Need a transparent period

Just copy what shards posted in the quotes and swap the upper case i with a period. This should be the display text in a text object. Increase or decrease the size of the text object to desired scale after text has been entered

Note that there is now a 'better' way to make transparent rectangular objects. 




where rr, gg, bb, and aa are the hex color values of red, green, blue, and alpha, respectively, from 00-ff, and TAB is the literal tab character on the keyboard. The colors seem a little different than with the <alpha> method, but the crisp edges of the text gizmo bounding box make it much easier to work with for windows.