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Home space template in Horizon Worlds?

Level 4

My "home world" is a flat disk (not too large) that I can only just walk around on. My friend in the UK has a modern  loft apartment. Will changing my home space become an option at some point? Would uninstalling and reinstalling change anything?


Level 2

The current home spaces in horizon worlds are being rolled out slowly to users as this is still a beta product. You will find that perhaps you have features some do not have and they have features you don't. This is because of the way that the beta testing features are being tested. Restarting or reinstalling will not help you get the features quicker.

Thanks. I don't like to question people but how do you know this? I hear stuff as well but I don't know where to find any official information. A friend in Wales doesn't seem to be able to install it (it is in the UK) and I've heard that someone from Australia has it installed. Is there any official source of information?


It has been in Beta a long time as are most social apps (years in many cases). If it is 2 years before it is rolled out in the rest of Europe I might change my plans for now anyway so maybe someone can point at a published source of information so we can have a slightly clearer picture.