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Horizon Worlds

Level 2

Horizon worlds still coming soon


i have been trying to download horizon worlds, but it still appears as coming soon z I live in the US and over 18. I've tried waiting but it has said coming soon for multiple weeks. Every where else says that the game is running and available


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey CohoOdie! We understand the painstaking process of having to wait for this rollout to reach everyone. We are aware some users who meet these qualifications are still unable to download Horizon Worlds and we are looking into it. As for now, the best thing we can suggest is to find your favorite game and really dig into it while we work on this! We thank you for the immense patience. 

I also cannot download Horizon worlds, live in the US, am over 18, recently bought a quest 2 last month. Still says coming soon

Now August 2022 and still cant get Horizon Worlds? Canada, Quest 2, well over 18.....When will this be resolved? Seems to be a pretty common problem for a lot of people with little to no support. 

I have also been waiting FOREVER! I keep checking and it's just "coming soon". I'm in the US, very over 18, in California (not sure if that would make any difference), and while I don't even know what I'd do in the program, I'm still annoyed that I can't get in to check it out. I'd eventually like to meet with friends in there. 

Level 3

they said summer. it is september. They released it in France few weeks ago, we live next to france and still nothing. so why not release it everywhere??? instead of country or region....