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Horizon limited world

Level 4

For some strange reason Horizon world is still limited to usa and canada only, they obviously they don't want people in vr to get into the app from the rest of the world for an unknown reason, good luck with this limitation, I am for one not interested anymore in this app or any social app meta will have to offer in the future since their version on the metaverse is obviously very different from what they declare all the time about how the idea is universal.


Level 4

We plan to expand access to Horizon Worlds in more countries this summer.

For an app that was already released, I think it would be " too little too late", as my country wont be available until maybe the year 2030, I don't know how with this rate Meta is going to get 1 billion people into VR, when they don't want even to include the few millions early adopter for mysterious reasons.