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Scripting Wearables Help!

Level 2

Hi guys!!


Im currently working on a water park world with one of my friends, and I can’t figure out a way to get an object to attach to your hands & torso. I know there is scripting involved and I can’t find a way to make the script work. Any ideas on what to do? I’ve seen some worlds where it can attach hats and backpacks, so i’m super curious onto how they did that.


You do not need a script to attach objects to your torso or head. In the object properties make it grabbable, then in the more option there will be the options for where it can be attached. sticky lets you put it wherever on your body, or you can set the position it needs to be.

Do you know how I can attach things to the wrist?

You can't attach to the wrist like you can the head or torso. What you can do is update the position of a object every frame to be in the area of the wrist. You would use position of hand + an offset to sit back from the hand. 

This would need to be ran in a local script to get the updates to happen every frame.