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Horizon Worlds Build Team

Level 4

Hi everyone I am a 14 Year experienced designer starting a horizon worlds build team where we are going to have days set where we have tutorials on how to build/script as well as have 3 levels of builds that people can choose from a creator to build for them being beginner, intermediate, and advanced! I have been getting many requests for help as well as been asked to make this so if you are interested feel free to comment or just add me and we can talk about my design experience as well as everything else about the team!


NOTE: if anyone wants us to build for them either comment, add me -ZachTheArtist or email us at


Definitely interested! Sounds awesome!

Level 3

This sounds great!  I had fun working with you in the Tiki world.  I'd very much appreciate a more structured learning environment.  I do some design in Fusion 360 and have some decent 3D modeling experience.  Horizon is a fun challenge after that!