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Looking for help or feedback with your world? Post here to collaborate with fellow Horizon creators to learn and build together.
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I've been trying to learn script by collabing with Vidyuu for a few months now. If you know he is a busy man, however there is a vidyuu verification program that might help you get a foot in the door. Just wondering if anybody recommends that and if ...

Beta Testers wanted

Hi, I am looking for a few people who wouldn't mind testing out my world. It is in beta currently and I know there are a few areas in the world that need some more work however, my headaches only allow me to be in the metaverse for so long before I h...

Shakespeare's Birthday Celebration

Hey all -- Are there any actors here with experience performing Shakespeare's Sonnets?I'm thinking of a Shakespeare's birthday celebration (4/23 or 4/26 or those dates more or less).With each other (and hopefully an audience), we would present in HW ...

QPORIT by Level 2
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Horizon Worlds Build Team

Hi everyone I am a 14 Year experienced designer starting a horizon worlds build team where we are going to have days set where we have tutorials on how to build/script as well as have 3 levels of builds that people can choose from a creator to build ...