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Level 4
Status: Unspecified
Most humans, anywhere in the world live in small homes/apartments, without much free space to set up a decent place for a reasonable play area. Some game standardization rating system for play area size would help. On a couple of games important items (phone, ammo clip) are below floor level and unreachable. Worse is when you have already invested in a game, only to find later that you must reach 2 feet through your TV for something important. Or suddenly need to hit something there. An additional nice feature request: With the ability to create and customize a much larger, even multi-room virtual environment, this will make people feel much wealthier than they are. Eventually: Windows with live views from different camera angles .. switch easily from live mars coverage to a current tropical storm, volcano, underwater, etc. (Just because there are not many, [if any!] live stereoscopic or even surround broadcasts, as vr catches on, it must happen one day. It could even be used locally to mirror several security cameras. Or have great positional awareness while docking your boat in a tight spot.