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Status: New Idea

So I was thinking about the new AR capabilities for the new headset that was shown and I thought what would be really creepy was a game/experience which turns your house into a haunted house.


so you are just chilling at home and then you hear some noises, you go and investigate. Maybe you find something and maybe you don’t. After a while things intensify and build to the point at the end you have to either get rid of the ghosts haunting you or escape from them.


if anyone has played the Excorcist VR it would be a little like that except you see your own home. Lots of jump scares, noises behind you, when you turn around something is in your face.


Maybe take it a step further so remember the manual for keep talking and nobody explodes (I think it was called) that you could print out? Well you could have a mode where a partner or friend prints out some symbols that make thing appear in AR and hides them around the house like in cupboards, wardrobes, drawers etc and you have to find an artefact to stop the entity that’s after you but some of the symbols you may find are bad, like an arm coming out the wardrobe or cups flying at you out the cupboards which drain energy.