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Status: New Idea

Nvidia has stuff for taking simpler images for games and turning out more real world textures using AI.


It would be interesting if there was a level of automating theming that could be done for games using AI systems so that game developers can turn out simpler things and have them look good with respect to a common theme - like Cyber City for example.


Like if you look at the Cyber City home, it would be nice to be able to walk outside in that world while maintaining the theme.


It might also be nice if you as the user could choose what kind of theme you want to be experiencing - even as other people view the same space under a theme that better suits their preference.


So let's say that we're walking on a path. I might be seeing it as a road with the Cyber City theme, and a friend might be seeing it as forest path... Same basic construct - a path to walk on - with different themes.


Of course, some worlds will always need to be on theme. But there are also benefits to being able to retheme content.


For example, I remember reading that girls performed better in some types of computer games after the visual themes had been made more targeted to them. So there may be aspects of learning and performance that could be enhanced by letting people experience the world in ways that most suit their own preferences.