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Level 3
Status: Unspecified
Lone Echo supports several different international languages and many non-english speaking people worldwide played Lone Echo in their preferred (native) language. And even though the Lone Echo II: Trailer Experience supports the most common non-english languages the full game doesn't include any languages besides english. RAD Studios even stated on twitter that there are no plans to localize the game. This means every person who enjoyed Lone Echo with her/his preferred non-english language now is left behind and certainly feels betrayed, because either people don't understand english good enough or because they loved the dub/synchronization in their native language from LE1 and the trailer for LE2 and expected it to be in the full game too. So please reconsider a localization for Lone Echo 2 when you already teased us like that
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Level 2
Can't even put my dissapointment about this in words. I'm glad there are others that feel the same!