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Status: New Idea

Hello, If a user has more than one oculus device, we are stuck with all devices the same name. Many users have more than one quest of the same generation in their households or groups.   Can we get some flexibility in this?


Perhaps you can add the naming convention "Quest 2" (#).

So the first device is Quest 1 (1), an added device is Quest 2 (1), and next is Quest 2 (2).

Even than is better than nothing. Please consider. 


Why is this still not a thing? I have 3 for my family and it gets really confusing trying to remember which one is which. I thought after many requests and even oculus support telling people to put it in suggestions that they'd think of doing it. It's an android device. You can rename android devices. Unlock that feature. 

Level 3

There is usually a technical or legal reason for this sort of omission. Hopefully the folks at Meta will figure this out rather soon, as many households and organizations will have more than one device on their networks.