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Level 4
Status: Unspecified
Let us see how much time we've spent in each app like you can on the Rift platform
Level 3
Please add this as soon as possible. And please make it the lifetime usage for each game and not just from a certain date or from the last install/update.
Level 3
No offense oculus but we know you have the stats 🙂 please show them to us
Level 5
Yes, this is a must !!!!! Sony has them, and sometimes sends you an email with some of them, but they don't let you watch them. Come on Oculus, you can beat Sony on "Consoles" by not making their mistakes
Level 3
Also on the quest!
Level 2
This should be such an easy thing to implement. They already have the stats as they know if you've played a game for less than 2 hours to be eligible for a refund.
Level 3
please add this feature ASAP. I really like the ability to see how long I played a game. It is a worthy Quality of life improvement.
Level 2
This would be an amazing feature
Level 2
This would help a lot with refunds so i know how long i played so i won't just request for a refund just to be denied 3 days later
Level 2
I really need to know how much time I spent in beatsaber. I really don't care where I buy my games as long as I can see the playtime.
Level 3
"Console" yet doesn't display the play times like any other console of platform.