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Level 4
Status: Unspecified
Let us see how much time we've spent in each app like you can on the Rift platform
Level 4
This would be great!
Level 3
It would also be nice to see more stats aswell. For example total enimes killed in Superhot endless. It would also be cool to see on your profile and your friends profiles stats and achievements!
Level 3
Their are many small improvements that will improve the Quest experience...….like this one. Allow user to toggle red casting dot on or off. Thanks a bunch, Skyhive
Level 3
This feature need to be here. I wonder how many hours have I played Beatsaber 20,30,40. I don't know you don't tell. I also would like to know if I played a game past the refund period so I don't just wait 3 days for nothing.
Level 2
Originally I would have said the battery life restrictions are control enough but since everyone is using a battery pack nowadays, I agree. Especially if you have kids...
Level 3
I would like all apps to have a short demo so you can try before you buy so that once you have purchased the full app that’s it no more messing around for a refund because you know what you’re getting.
Level 2
I also would love this. I always wondered if this is possible
Level 2
Please I wanna know
Level 2
It was available on the rift, but since the quest they decided to stop showing us how long we have played each game. What do you expect from a company. fair play??? dream on.
Not applicable
It would be great to see how long I've been playing games like beat saber so I can compete with my mates and see how long it tak s us to get to curtain points