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Level 4
Status: Unspecified
DEMOS and many free apps clutter up the interface and add content I never want to see again. If I OWN THE FULL VERSION of an app I definitely DON'T WANT TO KEEP SEEING THE DEMO version. This is the simplest case, but there a numerous other reasons to allow me to completely remove an app from the library, ESPECIALLY IF YOU FORCE THE UI to always fall back to default of SHOWING ALL APPS!!!!!!! (Remembering the selected filter WORKS ON QUEST 1 but you BROKE IT IN QUEST 2, so this is a bug which also needs to be fixed but allowing users to remove unwanted apps is a close second.)
Level 4

i agree, let's hope they come up with a permanent delete system

Level 2

I quite agree. This setting is too stupid. Would you like to learn from the general app store? Put the purchased apps into the purchased ones, and the home page shows only the installed apps.