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Level 3
Status: Unspecified
Please implement the ability to permanently remove apps from the App Library or somewhere to archive them. Default always shows all apps when you turn on the headset and you have to manual select installed to see what’s actually on the headset. Plus with app lab - you have no section so it crowds the whole screen of official store apps. A lot of app lab games I’ve tried now still remain in the menu even if I just downloaded them to try the demo and then uninstalled them. More options would be great but an option to remove apps permanently from the menus would be much appreciated.
Level 2
Downloaded several Demo apps, then uninstalled them. The apps are still listed in my app menu. Can these be removed?
Level 1
Please code in a facility to completely remove old demo games and apps that users want to completely remove from their devices. Having old demo games and apps that have been tried a few times and never again used makes for a very untidy user interface that becomes increasingly difficult to navigate as time goes on and more downloads are tried. To me this is the only irritating part of the user experience, the rest is excellent!
Level 2
We need to be able to remove or hide free apps and demos from our library, my library is flooded with apps, It makes it quite frustration to go through my list of apps just to find 1 single game. I bought a $400 headset to sit here while you shove these app tiles in my face? Really?
Level 2
Fandango NOW no longer exists yet I still have to see it. This is something that is easily taken care of yet they force to see their shovel wear and have it take up space. Anti consumerism plain and simple. "We will tell you what you like."
Level 3
I cannot believe that user CAN NOT do this by default...
Level 2
hi. I have the same problem. Can i hide the uninstalled apps?
Level 2

An archive would be a halfway solution.

Level 2

I am new to VR using Oculus quest and I have found that demos can not be deleted from your home page. This question has been asked since 2018 - 4 year on and nothing has happened. I personally do NOT want these demos cluttering up my home page and if this is some way of forcing us to buy these apps, then really I do not want to be part of Oculus. I wont be trying out any more demos. This is ridiculous!

Level 2

When I first bought my Oculus Quest 2, I've downloaded a bunch of test/demo apps to test out the device.

After uninstalling these I could still see them on the list of apps, which wasn't what I expected.

I had to go throught support to have these removed.

This isn't really intuitive and is a lost of time for your support people.

If you don't want to do it from the device itself, you should at least offer this functionality on the web site in the account management section.

Not to compare too much but other VR companies offer this feature - it's just something we'd expect on the Oculus too.



Level 2

Sometimes I just want to try a new app then I uninstall it.

After I uninstall it I don't want to see it in my App List on Quest 2.

Just imagine what would happen if on your mobile home screen appears all the apps you ever installed without the ability to remove them?

Now I think twice before I install any new app because I know I will be stuck with its icon forever in my app library and that is something that also hurts your sales.