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Reprojection is when, using Oculus Link, your computer is unable to handle the target framerate at any given moment. For that moment, the framerate will be halved (120fps->60fps, or 90fps->45fps). ASW is supposed to kick in to make things smoother, but the difference between 120fps and 60fps can still be jarring. After using VR on platforms that don’t have any reprojection (or allow it to be turned on and off), I much prefer varied high framerates over jumping from 120 to 60 in graphically demanding or poorly optimized titles. After searching through forums, you’d probably find that other people like me are looking for a solution to turn this feature off. So please, in an update in the near future, allow us to turn off all Oculus Link reprojection as we please.

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Retired Support

Yeah, the timewarp/spacewarp feature can be extremely vexing when it kicks in. If it helps, you can toggle ASW through OTT (Oculus Tray Tool), and I think ODT (Oculus Debug tool) as well. This should remove the framerate limiter when your GPU can't meet the required output for the game you're playing. If you're starting a game through SteamVR, you can try disabling ASW through your SteamVR settings too, so that it doesn't automatically re-enable.


Sometimes, OTT and ODT can bug out when you only disable ASW, but it works if you set a profile with ASW disabled, and launch with the profile every time. It would be pretty nice to have this feature natively within the Oculus Link settings in the PC app, so I'll +1 this!