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Level 3
Status: Unspecified
Allow the brightness to be changed like the Oculus Go.
Level 2
Please allow us to change brightness on Quest 2. Thank you very much.
Level 2
most important feature!
Level 2
Adjust the time and date, adjust the brightness, contrast. These settings should be default for gods sakes
Level 2
It seems really crazy that there isn't a feature as simple as a brightness slider. My eyes start hurting after about half an hour. please consider putting brightness control in, it would make the headset 100% better in my opinion
Level 2
There actually is a brightness slider on Quest 2. You need a bluetooth keyboard with display brightness hotkeys to bring it up. It's impossible to take a screenshot of it, so here's a blurry photo through the lens. This isn't a sufficient solution, but it does exist so that's a starting point. (BTW the only way I could get this screen to close was the volume mute shortcut on the bluetooth keyboard.)
Level 2
Please add this as a basic in device supported option, even I am surprised this isn't there, it is hurting my eyes and there's no way to make this adjustment within the basic supported settings interface...
Level 3
Yes, even the "night mode" is too bright, just warmer colors.
Level 2
S'il vous plaît, développeurs chez Oculus, permettez-moi de vous dire qu'il serait vraiment souhaitable que l'on puisse régler la luminosité sur tous les casques virtuelles et donc sur le Quest 2... Je ne peux plus l'utiliser depuis quelques temps à cause de la trop forte luminosité... Merci d'avance pour faire avancer ce point rapidement Noé NAGY
Level 4
YES! Backlight control is a must.
Not applicable
The brightness on the quest 2 is horrible. It causes higher ocular distortion and is tiring on the eyes. I put in a ticket after the first day of usage and Oculus technical support were not helpful at all jumping from one tech to the other every day. They wanted me to take a snapshot of what I saw through the lens. My Quest 1 uses OLED, so it has better dark levels. I tried the developer solutions of setting the brightness to 0 but it doesn't keep the settings. The night settings gives it a sunset tone but is still too bright. PLEASE FIX IT!!!