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Level 5
Status: Unspecified
The new avatar system obviously still supports the old avatar materials, we should be able to pick them. I miss my old avatar 😞
Level 2
Yes please. The skin colors are very off putting and the blue transparent hands felt much more VR-like. Now I have someoneΓ’€™s decapitated hands whenever I pause my games and I hate it
Level 2
WHAT THE ACTUAL ****? Oculus should have known better than to FORCE this on people! It's almost like MURDERING our virtual selves after we've become attached to them. The old editor and avatars were way better.
Level 2
Agreed. As soon as my textures changed to skin ones, my insides flipped. There is no need to delete the mirror or change back to the old system. Its as easy as adding more choices on the mirror. Im pretty sure that most of us choosed the colorful/cosmic hands texture because it was more comfortable and friendly to use in dashboard.
Level 3
I Agree, I want my blue cyberpunk avatar back! πŸ™‚
Level 2
Why they removed the old options is beyond me... those were **** cool! ...And isn't VR all about escaping from reality anyway? What's up with this human-like only options?!?
Level 2
Bring back the old avatars!!!!!!! 😠