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Level 2
Status: Unspecified
Allow wireless streaming of oculus rift games to quest.
Level 2
Via existing wifi or through a dongle for better performance, either way this is a killer feature that almost everyone I've introduced Quest to asks for.
Level 9
There would be way too much lag, which would make a lot of people sick. Hence why the Link cable is being developed.
Level 4
Playing SteamVR games with Virtual Desktop works already great if you have a good router. The only bad thing with virtual desktop is, to play oculus games you have to use revive which, in my case was responsible for the lag. I could play beat saber over steamVR on the same quality as with link but over revive it was't really playable.
Level 4
Come on, if a single dev can do it in an acceptable way, Oculus should be able to do it even better! That would be the nonplusultra killer feature for the quest. I actually prefer playing my games via Virtual Desktop than with link. And Guy Godin doesn‘t have full access to the oculus runtime as Oculus themselves. Do it better sooner than later.
Level 3
I would really like to see this at some stage come to Quest. It would be a Stadia killer. VR PC titles wirelessly! Even if they were downgraded for quest to allow it I think the users would appreciate access to that library of games.
Level 2
Hopefully Oculus releases a wireless adapter for this next year after link.
Level 2
Im with that. The link cord is 80 USD a computer that capable of vr gaming is at least 700 if not more. Plus the 399 for vr set. I got the quest because i cant do all that and when i saw no computer i got it. Then the games now for the rift theres so many good games. Quest has like 5 good games. And the games are short. I dont mind short levels but they need to add more even if u upgrade to a diff version or something. Gorn i wanna play so bad but need the link cable witch is in beta still but available
Not applicable
'+1 I know wireless playing (ALVR and Virtual Desktop) comes with its limitations, but at least offer us the option to use Wireless as an option. These days I'm only playing wirelessly and I accept the current limitations. But it would be better if Oculus supports this properly in their software (Oculus Desktop and Quest firmware). The majority of needed technology is already there for the Oculus Link solution, so why not add this as an experimental feature. I'd even be willing to pay for it. On that note: I still haven't been able to buy the original Oculus Link cable anywhere 😞
Level 2
Since I tried this with Virtual Desktop I use my Quest a lot more again! Make this work out of the box, it's definitely worth it and makes ALL other (wired) consumer VR solutions redundant... VD already works very good, a 5GHz repeater/router nearby and there is no lag or hassle using SteamVR for example.
Level 2
My house got rearranged and I lost my VR space. I can use the Quest with ALVR in my living room, but it limits me to Steam games. I'm playing No Man's Sky right now so it's fine, but it would be nice to have my Oculus library too.