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Level 3
Status: New Idea

This would be really helpful as I got alot of free apps and now when I go onto my libary on my quest 2 its just filled up with uninstalled apps and no way for me to actually delete them which is very annoying bevause I dont like how untidy it is with all the games uninstalled, its good to try new games but just the face I can't delete them is making me not want to try new games out.

Level 4

I've been asking Oculus this for a while now.  I hate having so many games, especially demos that I ended up buying the full version, on my apps page.  It's ridiculous that we see them.  I agree with you about not wanting to try new games because of this!

Level 3

An alternative to this would be the ability to "ARCHIVE" apps you aren't currently using.   I actually think this would be preferable for Oculus and users alike because it would avoid the issue of people accidentally deleting an app.

EDIT:  An exception might be when you have a demo version of an app and then buy the full version.  I just had this happen where I now have to contend with both the full version and the demo version in my list of games on the Oculus website and in the "all" list on my headset.  Definitely an annoyance!

Level 2

Agree, would be nice to have them on a separate page so can find again if wanted to play them again.

Level 4

i agree, let's hope they come up with a permanent delete system