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Status: New Idea

I'm a streamer who streams nightly on Twitch. I love VR and would love to stream VR. However, I'm warry, since my personal name/identity pops up in several settings windows. For safety reasons, I absolutely do not want to reveal my personal identity (or the identity of any of my FB friends) live on stream! ... And even though I have checked the box that no one can see my name publicly ("only me"), that only applies to how it is viewed from other accounts; it obviously shows up in my own view/headset. 


It would be great to get a "Streamer Mode" (like what Discord has), that blocks/hides/obfuscates all personal info when enabled. That way, you're safe knowing you won't accidentally reveal your personal info or identity to the entire internet.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We definitely appreciate your feedback, as it's how we make our services better. We encourage our community to leave their feedback as well!

Level 2

This is why I don’t stream with mine. It’s been an issue for a while from what I see. 

Level 2

Don’t have our real names in view. We know who we are. We don’t want our viewers knowing. How has this not been remedied?