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Level 3
Status: New Idea
Samsung Health is an app that tracks calories eaten / burned among other things, it has allot of 3rd party devices that are able to sync in data (such as calories burned from a smart watch).

Linking the Oculus Move to this app would make the Oculus much for attractive to customers who buy a VR for weight loss.
Level 2

I agree. It would make sense to sync them!

Level 11

Personally, I track caloric intake using a spread sheet, I might use VR for exercise, but I got into it for the ability to enter other worlds in a way no flat screen game, movie, tv show, or book can replicate. The fact it's an amazing tool for getting into better shape is just a happy side benefit to me. Speaking of entering other worlds...

*debates renting a movie in Big Screen*

Level 2

I would definitely be interested in purchasing something to sync the 2.

Level 2

Totally agree!  I would ve looking forward to sync them since I use them both.

Level 2

That would be really great

Level 4

They should totally add this