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Status: New Idea

As I comment in the title, being a virtual reality streamer is tremendously complex due to the impediments you encounter, and if you try to show a native quest game, it is even more difficult, low casting resolutions, but above all, the worst of all is not being able to read your own chat, interaction with users is completely lost, we are in the middle of 2022 and all consoles have support for streaming and recording, and it seems that oculus does not care exactly the same, please we need the chat on screen playing natively, or at least the option to pin a browser window while playing natively.

Thank you.

Level 2

Completely agree. Streaming VR content from Oculus is an uphill battle. There is no interaction with the chat, you have to resort to shortcuts and various third-party software to be able to achieve something half decent.

Level 2

+1 i need it

Level 2

I couldn't agree more with this. 

I'm a streamer too, and trying to stream a game which is a standalone game is a major issue, you don't only have to deal with the fact of low resolutions but also the interaction with your audience is kinda bad. As Yeladies mentioned you have to look for third party software in order to be able to at least, hear what your audience say, and it removes a lot the inmersion with some games, since there is q voice reading your messages, not a cool voice tbh, but a lokendo you know. 

Look, being able to stream games with the possibility to get this feature integrated in our oculus device that is a wet dream, and we really want this to happen, at least in my case I want it so bad. 


Please guys, make our dreams come true 🙂 


Have a good weekend.