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Status: Unspecified
Due to the new ToS being shown in the "Unknown Sources" section, and the implications of it being unclear, the very popular mod "BeatOn" for custom songs, sabers and platforms for Beat Saber was discontinued. Since Beat Saber and Custom Songs are a huge buying incentive for a lot of people interested in the Quest, a statement should be made whether this type of mod is considered illicit or is accepted by Oculus.
Level 2
Oculus Quest become useless without custom songs for Beat Saber. Maybe you should consider allowing Beat On to continue it's existence with Oculus Quest.
Level 3
Since I don't like any of the songs on beat saber, and there are others like me, you should be very explicit on this. Beat saber is worthless if I can't put my own songs/maps on it. I think you should make a special refund policy for beat saber so if you buy it and can't stand the songs after say 6 weeks, you can get a refund. None of the add on paks are worth anything either.
Level 2
Literally there is no way for Oculus to know if we own the licenses to the songs we play. How does Oculus plan to determine if we have the licenses are not? It would be unfair for me to be punished for using a mod with music I have the license to use. These vague blanket rules devalue the Oculus platform and actively deter users from investing in it. Poor move Facebook. You really should reconsider it.
Level 2
so? how about quest people (Cody Dell)
Level 4
I think that Oculus should clarify the use of sideloading in general. At the very least Oculus should set up a clear method of dealing with infractions. Just saying that users may be hit with anything from a warning to a law enforcement action doesn't really tell users much. Users should know that they will get a warning first, what kind of response they are expected to make, how things can escalate, etc. Sideloading is currently an important part of the Quest ecosystem. I think it would be foolish for Oculus to kill it, but it's fine to police it. If people know exactly what's right and what's wrong (including examples) and how Oculus really deals with infractions, that would be very helpful.
Level 3
Si no puedo personalizar las canciones, dejare de usar beat saber. Personalmente no me gustan nada las canciones que vienen por defecto. Teniendo en cuenta que el 80% del tiempo lo pasamos mi mujer y yo jugando a este juego (imaginar la cantidad de tiempo que dejaremos de usar las gafas, una pena).
Level 2
This is a very important issue. Oculus should be clear, and a huge portion of the community will be put off by losing the mods. They have stated that they want to find ways to keep people in the headset longer. Well cutting down your library in beat saber to a handful of songs absolutely does not support this agenda. I have several types of titles on the two quests I own, and almost invariably, when I put it on, it is for some beat saber time or a box vr workout. If we get some more rhythm games like power beats, synth rider, audica, pistol whipped, etc... that will help, but you can only repeat the same content so many times.
Level 3
Beat On needs to stay. It's only a matter of time before the game becomes unreplayable, the custom songs are the only thing giving the game more players and fun in general.
Level 2
The irony of this policy change is that I’m now refusing to update my copy of beat saber to the latest release because I don’t want to risk losing my mods. So, the new panic at the disco songs are the first official songs I won’t have purchased. And I’ll be unable to purchase any song packs released in the future. Are you sure that’s the outcome you were trying to promote by locking up your ecosystem?
Level 2
Literally the entire reason i bought a Quest tonight was my excitement to play custom songs on my Quest. Ive been watching people play custom songs and i was so excited. But now i have a 500 dollar paperweight once i've finished the whole 20 songs you have natively on the system. This is ridiculous, Oculus. 😞