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Level 3
Status: Unspecified
Summary: Combine the UI concept from (tiny discreet dot with focal point interactivity) to Oculus Desktop App. I've found the biggest hurdle for streaming VR content on Twitch (or Mixer) is the ability to read chat in a way that doesn't interfere with the game experience. The problem with OVRdrop for me: Hard to read the chat, hard to orient the chat box, incredibly annoying user interface. Setting it up so that chat is viewable when I flip my wrist is popular, but I've found a few games that utilize this action in their ui. is promising. I absolutely love the concept, but I can't open twitch chat without opening the entire web page. I need to be able to view just chat alone. Desktop App is rad and I can place a pop out window of chat. In order to be legible, it has to be quite big. This is distracting and can interfere with my view of the game, no matter where the window is located. My idea: works by adding a tiny, extremely discreet dot over the game. You focus on that dot for a few moments and whatever apps you've set up become visible. No buttons or controller flipping necessary. Adding this concept to Desktop App would be incredible.